Master Closet: “Sex and the City” Style

We all have our thing. For some it’s buying high quality food from Whole Foods and farmer’s markets. For others it’s art + rugs (it me!). And for others, it’s their wardrobe. I know rather confidently that this client qualifies for the last category: wardrobe.

Over the years she has accumulated an incredible ensemble of beautiful pieces of clothing, shoes and purses. Think: Sarah Jessica Parker. And like Sarah Jessica Parker in the first Sex and the City movie, this client needed a closet fit for her collection. A little reach-in closet in the bedroom (pictured below) wasn’t cutting it.

hague blue dry bar

A Hague Blue Bar for the Win

Ruth and I were both pumped about this project the minute we learned that our client taught etiquette classes. We knew we’d get the chance to develop a thoughtful plan that was perfectly designed for hosting wonderfully organized and well-appointed parties. And that’s just what happened. We’ll talk more about the entire floorplan overhaul and addition in another blog post. But for now let’s just zoom in on this bar. Not just a bar though. It’s the connection point between their new kitchen, their grand dining room and their well-outfitted backyard.

A Dark and Moody Library

Back at you with a quick little post about the library we did for the clients whose kitchen I shared last month. We normally handle all the design services for our clients in-house with our super talented designer but occasionally the homeowner themselves happens to be a super talented designer. Such was the case on this project when we partnered with the wonderful Michelle Oettmeier.

When a Scovell client buys a Scovell house

It’s a small world, indeed. This particular story proves it through and through. Back in 2007 and 2008 we partnered with some past clients to build a house in Mission Hills. It was a speculative project and was scooped up by a lovely family at completion. Fast forward several years and this lovely family became quite close with some new out of town neighbors that moved in one door down. Dinners were shared and visits to each others’ homes became a frequent occurence. Meanwhile Scovell did a little work here and there for these new neighbors on their 1920s home.

Make it functional. And pretty, too.

I certainly love the act of making a space “more beautiful.” But when I look back at the most rewarding projects I’ve been a part of, they are always the ones where we dramatically improve the function as opposed to exclusively making it more visually appealing.

This was one such project. 2 parents. 5 kids. Jammed around a teeny breakfast table. A laundry room doubling as a mudroom – not really big enough for either and somehow trying to do both. A broken sliding door. A “bonus” room with lots of square footage but not a lot of purpose. And a husband destined to work from home despite the lack of a home office.

Mudroom Roundup

For an often overlooked space in a house, the quiet mudroom sure does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the chaos of the day at bay. The stray coat here, the scattered boots there, the barrage of backpacks, the forgotten grocery bags and just stuff from day to day life. Barring a designated storage spot, these things so often find their way onto the floor, or worse, trickle into the adjoining kitchen or living room.

5 Finer Details to your Remodel

It seems that at the anniversary of every completed project, clients have found themselves in love with some unexpected piece of their home. Sure, they love the mudroom just like they knew they would. And there was never any doubt that bringing the laundry out of the basement onto the main level would mean laundry actually getting done on time with plenty of avenues for multitasking. But there always seems to slide into view an underdog. Some part of the remodel or a detail the owner wasn’t so sure they’d like, and now can’t live without. So here’s a list of the top five things that homeowners would do all over again, but that almost didn’t happen in the first place.

Go Green or Go Home

This past spring someone reached out to put me in touch with a friend’s daughter looking for an internship. Well, I’d never had an intern before so I didn’t know quite what to think! A short 8 weeks later and I can’t believe she’s already gone. There were dozens of things I’d been pushing to the back burner that I just never seem to get around to. She knocked out a ton, but unfortunately the list continues. And one of the oldest items on the list is to finally share with you all one of our most impressive projects to date. It was completed back in 2019 but never too late to share, right?