So, last we left you on this project, the new bathroom was framed out and ready for rock. (If you’re new to this series, check out the first and second posts.) I popped in yesterday afternoon and got to grab some pictures before the house becomes inaccessible for hardwood floor refinishing.

Sheetrock going up is maybe my favorite day because you finally get to know what the room will ultimately feel like. You’re no longer catching light between the studs and seeing through soon-to-be walls. Finally, you know just how the true lighting of the space is going to be. What it will really feel like to walk through doorways and under archways. Finally, you don’t have to strain your imagination, because it’s all nearly in front of you!

So for the latest photo “tour” here we go…

The bed wall of the master is the far wall on the left of the photograph, with the entrance to the en suite on the right.

entry to new bathroom

Upon entering, you walk down a short hallway with recessed lighting. To the left, you enter the new walk-in closet; to the right you have the new bathroom! (The little sliver of an opening you can see in this next picture on the right is the walk-in shower.)

hallway to bathroom and closet


If you were to turn left, you’d walk in to this room. If you recall, this was once the original bathroom, with a hallway clad in built-in wardrobes leading to it. 

window point of reference in before and during

As you can well imagine, this room will soon be getting a custom closet system. And all the women sighed. Turning around and heading back out toward the bathroom you see this. (And ultimately you’d see a view of the freestanding tub in front of that far bank of windows.)

bathroom view from closet

Walking toward that free standing tub we’d come back to the center of the en suite and essentially see this when standing under the new arched ceiling.

view standing under the barrel vault ceiling

On either side, we’ve got an enclosed toilet closet and, facing it, a walk-in shower. Here’s the view of the closet standing in the shower. And check out that barrel vault with recessed lighting! Holla! (Look to the right of the photograph and you can see how one would walk back out into the master bedroom.)

barrel vault ceiling over toilet room


And voila the opposing side with the walk-in shower.

shower rough-in


Flipping the camera around, here’s the view if you were standing at the foot of the tub. As you recall in our last post, we had a minor change of plans and in lieu of three separate archways, the homeowners opted to raise the arch height a bit and install a barrel vault ceiling. Here’s how this bathroom angle has progressed from originally proposed plan to conception.

progression of the barrel vault

We’re all of course dying to see it with the custom vanities, the Carrara marble backsplash and counter with a waterfall edge, and sconces. Not to mention tile in the shower, and hardwoods throughout. Heck, we’re just anxious to see the whole thing! Next on the slate is replacing the windows in the main body of the bathroom. I believe those are due to arrive tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get those installed here quick! And then we have floors going down. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, we’re going to lose access to the house here before you know it so that our subs can come in and refinish the hardwoods throughout. Big things are happening!

Meanwhile, we already had 3 of the bedrooms painted, and their floors finished so that family can move in early next month. Here’s how those rooms are coming together (with just a couple more coats of poly on the floors to go!) As you can see from the first picture, the plan was essentially the same for all three bedrooms. Remove the old radiators and their covers, paint trim and walls Sherwin Williams’ Shoji White, and refinish the floors.


bedroom before and after

window treatments before and after

Stay tuned for the next update!