So as you may have seen on our Facebook page last week, we’ve just begun an incredibly exciting project on a beautiful French Normandy style home in Kansas City. The bones of the house are phenomenal. The architecture  – drool worthy. And we ought to thank the house gods’ lucky stars, because the new homeowners have every intention of maintaining the historical charm and elegance of the home. But that’s not to say that the house isn’t a candidate for some new paint, etc. And as with most homes built over 85 years ago, the bathrooms are….colorful. Think purple toilets, green sinks, and yellow showers.

So prior to moving in, our clients enlisted Scovell Wolfe and through our design package, Pat – the project manager – was able to propose a stunning new floorplan for the master suite. I always love when Jim thinks beyond the current setup. In other words, while you always have the option to do a ‘pull and replace’ remodel and keep everything placed where it has always been…this bathroom remodel will be anything but! Here’s the original floorplan.

as built prior to Scovell Wolfe redesign

The dressing room is becoming the bathroom. The original bathroom and the hallway leading to it will turn into the new dressing room fitted with custom closet cabinetry. One of the current wardrobes will become a walk-in shower. The other, a toilet room. And where a freestanding make-up table was in front of a bank of windows will now be a free standing tub…

Make sense? Let’s take a picture tour so it really sinks in, shall we…

This first picture shows the original bathroom. (This bathroom can be found on the far left of the as-built floorplan above.) And while I really do have a special place in my heart for these old colorful KC bathrooms, there is a time when all good things must make way for better things. So as you can see below, this particular bathroom is making way for a better custom closet. This picture was taken last week.

Original Bathroom with Scovell Wolfe's remodeling plans denoted

I went over this morning and here it is now…

Scovell Wolfe bathroom at the gut stage of the remodel

Hard to believe, huh? Really, though, if you are in the business you know that gutting hardly takes any time at all. It’s putting it back together again that’s the time-suck. That said, gutting this bathroom has been anything but quick! First reason being that these old tile bathrooms are essentially set in 2 inch thick concrete which is a beast to remove. Add to it the fact that there was lead and we are thus forced to remove everything according to lead containment codes. Talk about a beast!! Lead containment is quite the process!

We’ve had to completely quarantine the master bath/closet from the rest of the house while we remove anything affected by disturbed lead.

Scovell Wolfe's lead paint precautions

In order to comply with code, keep our guys safe and keep our client’s child safe, we’ve spent an extensive amount of time protecting both ourselves and the house from lead paint.

Scovell Wolfe's double bagging lead in the bathroom remodel

But back to the plans…Way back when the house was built in the ’30s the room pictured below was a sleeping porch. However, the most recent homeowners had converted it with built-in wardrobes into a dressing room. In doing so a couple of the original windows that mirror those on the right were covered by the wardrobes on the left.

original dressing room pre-remodel

Our plan for converting this into the new master bath involves removing all the existing closet systems and revealing the original windows.

Scovell Wolfe's plans to convert dressing room to bathroom

In front of the old radiator will sit the free-standing tub. (The tub probably won’t be a claw-foot! Oh the design limitations of some CAD programs!)

Looking south at tub

In a sense, we will be dividing this room in half and the new walls will create the backdrop for his and hers vanities.

Scovell Wolfe's plan to convert wardrobe into a toilet room

This next image shows the road we are headed down with hardwoods throughout. This sketch effectively shows how the old ‘wardrobe’ in the picture above is becoming a toilet room behind the vanity wall. Make sense??

Looking towards the hall from the SE corner of the bath - Option 1Looking towards the hall from the SE corner of the bath - Option 1Scovell Wolfe's design sketch of new bathroom

This next sketch serves to show how the new walk-in shower is tucked behind the opposing vanity wall. The client has picked out an insanely beautiful vanity style with a white marble top that blankets the backsplash and waterfalls over the edge to the floor.

By the way, all the fixtures, colors, vanity layouts, etc pictured in these sketches are in NO way indicative of the final plan. The clients have highly talented interior designers out of Dallas working out all of the finishings. However, we put together these rudimentary sketches to show our clients and our subs the new floorplan. Blueprints can be incredibly difficult to visualize. It’s nice to see a simulation!

Scovell Wolfe's design sketch of the new walk-in shower behind the vanity

So, in summary, when you enter the new master en suite, you will either go right into the newly configured bathroom or left into the newly expanded, custom-built closet.

Scovell Wolfe's design markings of new closet

Here’s the view from inside what will be the custom closet looking out into the new bathroom.

Scovell Wolfe's closet design in place of existing bathroom

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Our clients are moving back to Kansas City from out of town, so we’re trying to pull this off with as quick a turn around as we can. In addition to the master bathroom, we’ll be painting the whole interior of the house, refinishing floors and a few other odds and ends. We’re excited to show you the progress, so check back in to see how it all turns out! With the interior designers our clients are working with, I can absolutely guarantee that this thing is going to be a project worth keeping your eye on!