A couple years ago we got connected to these empty-nester homeowners as they were exploring a master bathroom remodel.

They’d recently bought a villa in the Hallbrook subdivision and while it was in great shape, it was a bit (or, well, a lot) too Tuscan for their taste.

The bathroom was essentially a sea of brownish beige tile and the ornate, glazed/aged effect ran through the house all the way on to the kitchen cabinets. The problems in the kitchen differed from those in the bathroom, however, in that the kitchen was simply just not their aesthetic, but it functioned about as well as could be expected. The bathroom on the other hand was a misfire all around! Not only was the look bad, but the vanities were choppy and bulky and awkward. The water closet was large enough for four toilets while the shower didn’t even have room for a corner bench. It was quite simply a bad plan.

 So, with the bathroom needing both a visual upgrade and a practical one, we started there, and in 2018 we rolled out a new floorplan.

We did the obvious: we swapped the location of the toilet room for the shower; and we brought the vanity storage in via flanking towers that offered just as much cabinetry but without the eyesore of a bulky center unit.

With the help of their interior designer Tammy Saitta, the homeowners went bold with patterned tiles and shiny metals: a total departure from the tiled cave of yore. And here again, as we have in so many master bathrooms, we introduced hardwood floors into the mix. They’re warmer than tile – both visually and literally – and they make the bathroom feel more like a real room.

So, with the bathroom all put back together and the homeowners moved nicely back into their master suite, we took a quick break, and returned to tackle the kitchen. More on that in the next post!