A “Step” Up in this Mission Hills Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms are a funny thing. Clients either invest a ton in them because see it as a retreat and value how much time they spend there. Or they put a master bathroom remodel at the very bottom of the list because no one but them will ever see/enjoy it. Well these homeowners took the first approach. With two stressful jobs, this was to be an oasis. A gift to themselves as they got ready for work everyday.

Reclaim and Relax

Last year some of our past clients reached out hoping to come up with a solution for a pretty, but not-functional courtyard in their backyard. A family of four, they’d purchased the home from someone whose lifestyle didn’t quite lend itself to wobbly toddlers and tired parents. Not well protected from the sun, and certainly not from the summer’s mosquitoes, however pretty, the courtyard was seemingly full of steps. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be a brick step just begging for a little boy to skin his knee or stub his toe.