A Dark and Moody Library

Back at you with a quick little post about the library we did for the clients whose kitchen I shared last month. We normally handle all the design services for our clients in-house with our super talented designer but occasionally the homeowner themselves happens to be a super talented designer. Such was the case on this project when we partnered with the wonderful Michelle Oettmeier.

When a Scovell client buys a Scovell house

It’s a small world, indeed. This particular story proves it through and through. Back in 2007 and 2008 we partnered with some past clients to build a house in Mission Hills. It was a speculative project and was scooped up by a lovely family at completion. Fast forward several years and this lovely family became quite close with some new out of town neighbors that moved in one door down. Dinners were shared and visits to each others’ homes became a frequent occurence. Meanwhile Scovell did a little work here and there for these new neighbors on their 1920s home.

Mudroom Roundup

For an often overlooked space in a house, the quiet mudroom sure does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the chaos of the day at bay. The stray coat here, the scattered boots there, the barrage of backpacks, the forgotten grocery bags and just stuff from day to day life. Barring a designated storage spot, these things so often find their way onto the floor, or worse, trickle into the adjoining kitchen or living room.

A Better Bathroom

I was telling a client the other day that we’ve never turned a generally unhappy person into a happy person with a beautiful remodel. But what we’re really good at is making happy people even happier. As was the case with these incredible Mission Hills clients. Authentically kind, always trusting and super complimentary at every…