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Oh Pryde’s, how we love thee…


Have you been to Pryde’s before?? If you haven’t, you can scarcely consider yourself a true Kansas Citian!! This is the essence of Kansas City’s independent business scene. Since 1968, this kitchen store – known as the hardware store for cooks – has been offering customers not just great products but a great experience. Situated in an old ballet school, the atmosphere is unbeatable. The charm oozes. The smell of coffee drifts through the air. The cling and clatter of pots and pans being selected. The sound of a cardboard box being cut open revealing even more product. There is always more product. I’ve never been in the store when I haven’t stumbled upon a clerk opening up new stuff. Whether its holiday dishes, the newest, most cutting-edge espresso maker, more Fiestaware in more colors, or simply just another good ole package of hard-to-beat wooden spoons.


If you haven’t had the joy of shopping at Prydes, picture Meg Ryan’s shop in “You’ve Got Mail” but swap out the children’s books for cutting boards, cookbooks and olive oils. And instead of the sound of children’s storytime, you hear Julia Child’s voice teaching cooking lessons on a loop on a TV hanging over the stairs. Oh the stairs!! The creaking, wide stairs that take you down to another floor of goodness. Or up to a an entire outdoor porch of goodness. You guys, this place is magical if I haven’t done a good enough job conveying that with my words. It’s like Christmas shopping in May or dreadful February or squelching hot August. It somehow manages to always feel like Christmas. There will always be a cup of tea offered or a fresh brewed mug of coffee set in your hands. On weekends, you will find yourself drooling over fresh pies, cookies and pastries in their “Upper Crust” bakery tucked away downstairs.


If you don’t believe how warm and delicious this store is then check it out for yourself. Or watch this video about the owner Louise:

Louise | A Kansas City Story from Untold on Vimeo.

From the hundreds (literally!) of times that I have been to this store during my lifetime – from registering for my wedding to popping in just to get inspired – I’ve watched Louise and her staff time and time again graciously welcome customers and gleefully help them find whatever untold kitchen mystery accessory they are hunting down. Maybe even discover some gadget they never knew they lacked and now can’t live without. And Prydes’ generosity consistently and for years has benefited Louise’s (the owner’s) other passion: Bishop Sullivan Center’s food pantry. In fact, if you print out this here coupon you’ll be benefiting not just Bishop Sullivans, but also yourself, because I tell ya what – a venture into Pryde’s is quite the treat.


However, some lucky stranger today will be on a different winning side of Pryde’s generosity with a brand new 4 1/2 quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven!

Yes, you heard, Prydes is ever so kindly allowing Scovell Wolfe to offer up this beauty for our second day of giveaways!!!


Good luck! And be sure to check back tomorrow to enter to win a Kohler bathroom faucet!