3D Woodworks in Kansas City has recently launched a foray into custom cutting boards. The gorgeous boards they’re producing come in a variety of wood species – from alternating walnut and maple, walnut and padauk, and walnut and purple heart or a board exclusively of walnut.  They finish it off with your initials. Oh, and you can choose to further customize it with a handle! The winner of today’s giveaway will have the power to make all of those selections – species, initials and the option of a brass handle. Hello! Just in time for the holiday cooking!


If you don’t happen to be on the winning end of this giveaway you can still purchase one directly from the local Kansas City trio – 3D Woodworks. Find them on Facebook by clicking here to see all your options and place an order! Boards start at $70 depending on various selections.

Good luck and happy chopping to the lucky winner!


Do you like the stripes? Or would you go for solid?