So just like last year when I watched the Oscars, I couldn’t help but think last night as people came down the Emmy’s red carpet that some of those dresses looked an awfully lot like some pillows I’ve seen on the good ole internet. Fashion and home design often cross paths.

So, I (rather uselessly!) spent a half hour this afternoon seeing if I could quickly stumble upon some pillows on common sites like Williams Sonoma Home, West Elm, Anthropologie, etc. that seemed fairly, if not very, similar to what the stars wore Sunday night. (And by the way, who are these alleged ‘stars’ anyway?? I don’t recognize half of them! Am I living under a rock?!)

Anyway, I didn’t do nearly as well at nailing the dress-to-pillow matches as I did last year – you can see those finds here – but nonetheless, here goes the Emmy 2016 edition!

red carpet dresses to pillows


I hope you enjoyed that mindless reflection on Emmy dresses and pillows. Now, I’ll get back to more important matters….like remodeling : )