A few weeks ago we introduced you to a really exciting new remodel of ours in Brookside.  If you recall, we are doing a flip flop and turning the house’s original master bathroom with hallway closet into a dreamy walk-in closet and remodeling the original sleeping porch – at one time long ago converted into a dressing room – and making it an incredible bathroom. Make sense? Probably not! So, if you’re new to the project, click here and catch up on the before pictures and the plan.

As of this past Thursday, here’s where the one time sleeping porch turned dressing room had landed thus far.

Dressing room to master bathroom phases

It’s always fun when a floor plan begins to comes to life. As you can see, the clients opted to maintain the charm of the 85 year old house by creating a barrel vault ceiling as you enter the main body of the bathroom. I watched Patrick, one of our carpenters, in action, and the process for creating those archways is TEDIOUS – yet oh so rewarding!

Creating a barrel vault  Does this next view look familiar?

framing archways and barrel vault ceiling


If you recall the 3D elevations in our last post, you can see just how much things are actually taking shape. Slightly different than the below plan, we’ll now be installing a barrel vault ceiling in lieu of just having arched doorways. It’s going to be stunning!


One other adjustment made was a decision to widen the opening to the closet. As it looks today, here’s the shell that will soon be the spacious walk-in closet. This shot was taken from the window looking toward the new bathroom.

uninsulated master closet


And to refresh your memory, here is more or less what that view used to look like before construction began…Tell me you didn’t forget the purple and green tile already!!

original master bathroom

In other news, our painter Hugo and his team are hard at work getting the rest of the bedrooms painted so that the family can move in next month. If you’ve worked with Scovell Wolfe on a project where we’ve used Hugo in the past, you know that they’re about the nicest guys in the world and do impeccable work. I caught them their first day in a few weeks ago and coerced them into a group picture.

Scovell WOlfe's painters

paint prep for middle bedroom

I came back on Thursday and here’s how some of those bedrooms are shaping up. All three rooms are being painted the same rich off-white color called Shoji White from Sherwin Williams. It’s super compelling because it reads white when you glance in however, seeing white primer where the painters are still working shocks you into just how off-white the paint really is!

progress shot of bedroom paint

painter painting baseboards

primer vs paint color

Also happening in the house is an entryway makeover. We’ve pulled the granite and marble mosaic tile in favor of new carrara marble. Excited to see the ‘after’ of this angle! Word on the street is that our clients’ designers have selected a gorgeous wallpaper mosaic to be installed on the wall to the right. Stay tuned….

entrway before tile

So as I write this, the upstairs bathroom is being insulated. Drywall is to come in just short two days. Looking forward to next week’s pictures! Change is a comin’ my friends. This master suite will be nothing short of covet-worthy!

UPDATE! Part 3 has been published! Check it out here.