Not sure if you saw on Facebook a few weeks back, but Jim and I went up to Baltimore to take part in a Remodeler’s Advantage conference. It’s a really exciting new membership for us where we sharpen our skills, get challenged on our way of thinking and doing, and ultimately join in community with remodelers across the nation to better our companies and our staff.

It was quite a whirlwind and happened to land on the week of the never-ended-up-happening, storm-of-the-century in Manhattan at the end of January. So we almost thought we may not make it, and many remodelers out of New England with connections through New York didn’t. And then I think they got a couple inches when it was all said and done. Better safe than sorry?

cnn article on historic winter storm

Anyway, we made it up to the frigid Northeast just as a 75 degree warm front moved through Kansas City. And while we were up there, NARI hosted their annual REMY (Remodel of the Year) awards banquette back in KC. Earlier this year I worked with Pat Muller – one of our project managers – to put together an entry for the town home remodel we did in Corinth. Remember that one? I blogged about it here. Anyway, we entered it in the Best Whole House category and….drum roll please…..won!


We were incredibly honored to not only win the Gold award, but be given the All-Star recognition for an entry scoring higher than 56 out of 60 points. The entries were judged by remodelers in another city, and we’re humbled that they viewed our work as worthy of such a high score.

screenshot of nari's remy award for scovell wolfe

So while Jim and I ate a rather terrible dinner up in Baltimore, we live streamed the ceremony with Pat Strand of Total Home in Overland Park. He was also at the conference, also up for an award, and also eating terrible food at a ramshackle seafood joint. One of Pat Strand’s colleagues filmed our Scovell Wolfe team and our client accepting the award via skype. Watching Scovell Wolfe win was an exciting “dessert” for an otherwise lousy dinner!

I’m sure you’re dying for details on this lousy dinner, so I’ll elaborate. You’re welcome. We took a cab clear across town from the airport hotel just to go to this restaurant in the harbor that I’d heard about. We knew it was a dive. But we thought it’d be one of those secret gems. A diamond in the rough, so to speak. So we drug a half dozen remodelers we’d just met and hardly knew to this joint. When we mentioned to the waiter that the cream of crab soup wasn’t hot, she said she must not have put it in the microwave long enough. That was our first clue. Then, a fellow remodeler and dinnermate asked if the shrimp was local (as in, out of the harbor a 1/2 block away) and they told us it came frozen from Texas. That was our second clue.  And an ironic clue at that given that this remodeler had flown in FROM DALLAS. Anyway, the list goes on, but I’ll spare you.

crab dinner in baltimore

Back to the REMY awards…the great thing was that no only did we win our category, but Pat Strand – the other KC remodeler we were up there with – won his category. And then! Oh, and then! We won Best of Show!


Anyway, it’s been such a busy season since returning from Baltimore that I forgot to share the good news. We’re thankful for all of the clients that select us as their contractor on these incredible projects. And we’re thankful to our Scovell Wolfe employees for turning our clients’ plans into such award-winning remodels.

If you’d like to see more pictures of this incredible whole house transformation, click here. We had a great photographer – Chad Jackson – capture the afters and the master bedroom has since become our most popular picture on Houzz. For good reason! Interior designer Bonnie Taylor’s work is gorgeous!