It was fun a few weeks ago looking through popular websites and finding nearly identical light fixtures with NOT identical price tags. I thought I’d give it another go, but this time I stuck with the same product. Or different takes on the same idea, rather.

Voila the classic Parisian bistro stool from mainstream stores. (And, by the way, if Serena and Lily hasn’t made it’s way onto your go-to list of home stores yet, make that happen right away! Their catalogue is beyond. Clean and classic. Youthful and timeless. I strongly love that store. ) Anyway…

expensive and budget friendly prices for bistro bar stools


$$$$ – This first barstool is from Williams Sonoma Home.

$$$ – From Serena and Lily. Again, this is totally my jam these days. You’ve got to jump over and check out their store. And as for this bar stool? It’s probably my favorite in the line up. If you’re going to have that classic blue and white European bistro chevron, you might as well carry those stripes over to the ties around the rattan legs. Am I right?

$$ – This is Ballard Design’s take on the Paris Bistro bar stool. They sell it in three different colors. If you make it to their site, check out the stool in “Spa,” too.

$ – And finally, here’s your real bang for your buck. You get a similar overall feel from this stool, but it’s not nearly as refined, nor nearly as stunning. But, hey, sometimes, you’ve got to slash your budget and this ain’t a bad alternative!

So there you have it. Some Parisian Bistro influenced bar stools. Of course, working with a designer you can get your hands on a whole multitude of further options.