As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been on a mission to go back and photograph the ‘afters’ of projects that we never got around to shooting back in the day. So we’ve been pulling out the old rolodex and calling past clients to see if we can come crash and grab some pictures for our records.

What I have not, however, mentioned before on this blog is my crush on all things blue pottery. I’m not really sure I can attest to it being some sort of trend that’s coming back like brass did last year. Ok, actually I am pretty sure it’s NOT coming back in vogue to quite that extent. But in my heart, it’s front and center. Plus, I walked in to Nell Hills last week and saw an enormous display of blue and white vases. So while it may not be the thing, it’s certainly not out of style. I, myself, snagged two vases while I was at their store in Briarcliff. All that said, I was all sorts of excited when we walked into a 7 year old project last week and the client had gone BLUE all over. It was like chicken soup for the soul to see a classic kitchen so many years later.




Clearly our client has an enduring and unshakeable love for blue. I mean just look at the powder bath off of the kitchen.



However, even if you don’t want to take it that far, you can still pick up a few pieces of blue and throw it into your mix. Blue is just one of those colors that goes as well in a contemporary house as it does in an uber traditional house. I pulled a few inspiration pictures plus some bowls and artwork from Williams Sonoma Home, Etsy and Anthropologie that bring a whole new look to blue. I’ve also found some blue luck at Homegoods recently, so maybe check them out if you’re around the mall this week. Without further ado, here are all things BLUE…