This Old Sagamore house has so many neat corners. We’ve already shown you pictures of the remodels in the mudroom/laundry room/office/pantry AND the kitchen AND the dining room, living room & master bedroom.

Last up, the transformation of this once ho-hum family room.

familyroomfire progressI love this room. Something about it just feels like the essence of an American family to me. It’s comfortable, colorful but calming, suited for kids and parents alike, traditional but still feels fresh and young…I could go on!

window and bookshelves scovell wolfeThe bookshelf units themselves were custom built by our local cabinet maker, and the mantle and trimwork was done in-house by our carpenter Pete Collins. Below is the inspiration photograph off of Pinterest that our client shared with Pete.

moldingPete nailed it, wouldn’t you agree?!

milwork detail fireplace scovell wolfeThere are so many details that I like about this room. For instance, I love all the brass. I don’t care if some think it’s a trend or not. It’s here to stay in my heart forever!! Check out below how that metal is littered throughout the room.

brass accents

And look how wonderful these brass library sconces in particular are! So classic. So clutch.

sconcesThen of course there’s the clients’ decorator Natalie O’Shaughnessy who really up’d her game with these bookshelves. The styling is perfect.

bookshelf stylingI love how she used the clients’ books that they already owned, but ever so subtly organized them by size and color. It doesn’t scream in your face that they’re grouped in any intentional fashion. But you look closely and you can tell quite quickly this was no amateur tossing books and knick knacks on a shelf!

book styling scovell wolfeMaybe it’s just the mama in me, but I love the little hints that a child lives here, too. From leather animals tucked between board books to The Cat in the Hat.

bookshelf close up scovell wolfeThe color palette is, again, super refined but super subtle. You don’t immediately think, wow, they really like blue. or purple. or what have you. But nonetheless, you start to study the design and realize that in addition to the brass accents threaded throughout and even lots of leathery reds, there’s also a lot of turquoise/green.

hints of greenIt’s all just really, really good. The perfect family room for the most darling, growing family. Look again at how far the room came simply by adding bookshelves, reworking the fireplace, painting and redecorating.

fireplace before

couch wall scovell wolfe family roomSadly, this is our final “After Picture” installment of this great house. Hopefully you caught the other posts here: the mudroom/laundry room, the kitchen, and the rest of the house. The other rooms are absolutely worth checking out, so don’t miss out!

Last but not least, here’s our stab at “getting the look.” But as always, going straight to the source at O’Home in Crestwood is always a better idea!

powell living room

 Brass Sconce//Charlotte Moss Book//Ceramic Bowls//Wooden Tray//Sectional//Jute Rug//Nate Berkus Book//Lamp//Leather Stool//Pillow//Linen Coffee Table//Design Sponge Book//Blanket//Whale Bookends//Brass Knob//Velvet Chesterfield//Bookend//Blue Plate//Soapstone