It’s all too easy to drag dozens of pictures off of your Pinterest feed and drop them into your inspiration boards within a matter of minutes as you plan to remodel a room. But translating them from designer space to your own space is complicated at best. And our culture of barely looking at images as they fly past us on the computer screen does us no favors. There’s often no shortcuts to great design. You have to really study a picture you love to pinpoint what you love, why you love it and how you can love its way under your own roof!

Here’s a kitchen we were a part of many years back that is still a show-stopper and so chock full of character. But the character is all in the details and the homeowner was well aware of each of those details in an effort to create a cohesive, beautiful, and brilliantly designed kitchen.


Let’s break down some of the  main components that set this kitchen apart from the pack…

kitchen elementsThere are dozens of other details and this list barely scratches the surface. There was massive attention put forth toward the backsplash tile and the design of the island. There’s cabinet hardware that was chosen, placement of recessed lights, a pot filler, crown molding…

The list is long. And overwhelming for most. But here’s what we recommend. WHEN YOU LAND ON A PINTEREST PICTURE THAT YOU JUST CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, TALK THROUGH IT! Handing over an inspiring space to a contractor and saying nothing more than, “I love this!” is not super effective. You may say, “Well, I just can’t put my finger on what I love, I just love it, though!” But start describing what you see objectively and you may realize the intricacies of what’s making the kitchen work so well. Take again this kitchen for example.


You start talking through it and realize there’s a straight eased edge on the perimeter countertop while there’s a beveled edge on the island. These are the sorts of details that can’t be found in a quick glimpse.

Pick apart the pieces of the kitchens you love to find the right pieces for your kitchen puzzle. And don’t be daunted by the number of pieces it takes to put one together! For more kitchen inspiration pictures, check out our Porfolio.