Obviously most houses don’t get remodeled unless they’re a little on the dated side. So there’s no doubt that we go into more houses with original tile in the bathrooms than we do without. But that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly fun to see the way people used to live and the way houses once were built. Like seeing this built-in clock above the cased opening to the dining room. (And check out that molding!) How charming is that??

built-in clock above dining room cased opening

Anyway, this morning, a few of us toured this gorgeous 1927 house in Prairie Village that we are about to begin a remodel on. It’s an incredible property  – at one time spanning the block – now divided and surrounded by a few slightly newer homes. 6 or more bedrooms. 5 or more bathrooms. Stunning brickwork. Beautiful original windows. And tile. Oh, the tile. Whoever designed and built this home clearly had a love of flooring and the home features a whole smattering of different tiles and hardwoods. I even took a little gold-clad shoe tour for you…

various flooring


Anyway, I’m excited to tell you that I believe most, if not all, of the flooring you see is staying. We’re just fixing the house up around the edges. Stay tuned for more pictures coming around the bend…this house is one heck of a stunner from the outside and the inside will soon be stiff competition.