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Have you been to O’Home yet? It’s tucked away in an oft forgotten, but not-to-be missed ensemble of local, (mostly) independent shops and restaurants that make up Crestwood. On the corner of 55th and Brookside Boulevard, the classy strip of storefronts recall a different time where charm and workmanship reigned supreme – each store with its own painted wood door, each store with a trove of unique products inside. It is truly, truly not to be missed. If you haven’t been to the area, you owe yourself a trip.



And O’Home is a perfect embodiment of the charm of Crestwood. Open since 2012, the store – under the guidance of owner Natalie O’Shaughnessy – bursts with good taste, beautiful pieces and inspiring vignettes. It’s my favorite kind of store setup. One that is designed. You could duplicate a whole little section of the store in your own home’s living room or dining room. Their products are styled in such a way as to inspire you in your own decorating. So while Natalie O’Shaughnessy offers her professional interior design services – which you should definitely contact her about if interested – you get a heck of a lot of free direction just going to O’Home and seeing how she’s styled her store!




What  further separates O’Home from many is the variety of their stock. From jewelry, candles, artwork (from local artists to boot!) purses, antiques and furniture to T-SHIRTS (more to follow on that subject 🙂 ) and scarves and a whole lot more, they’re much more than a home accessory store. And the *young traditional* aesthetic of all their products is both clean and layered. Simple, yet interesting. Timeless, but fresh. Plus, with a wide variety of price points to match the wide variety of stock, the store has a lot to offer.



I dropped by O’Home this afternoon to take a look at the fine, fine shirts *we are giving away today* and my eye fell upon, oh I don’t know, say two dozen or more things I’d like to take home with me! Thankfully for my husband I left my pocketbook at home in favor of my camera bag. I snapped some pictures of some of my favorite vignettes throughout the store.



But on to the exciting news…THREE lucky, lucky, lucky winners are going to walk away with a great Charlie Hustle KC t-shirt from O’Home at the end of this giveaway. That’s right, not one, not two, but THREE WINNERS!!! But hopefully, many more than 3 will take this post as just the boost they need to stop by O’Home and check out their great finds for themselves.



O’Home is open Monday thru Saturday from 10-5. Nestled between Aixois and Cafe Europa, grab lunch and then wander your way into this gorgeous shop. You won’t regret it. 311 E. 55th Street, Kansas City, Missouri – 816-363-1115

By the way here is a dining room addition that Scovell Wolfe built designed by the very talented Natalie O’Shaughnessy herself….gorgeous!!!


Happy Shopping! And good luck on the giveway!