I thought I’d pop in and share our plans for the kitchen. It’s funny how I absolutely live for designing homes, but when it comes to my own, I’m paralyzed! You’d think that working here at Scovell Wolfe, I’d know just the kind of client I’d want to be and not cause any problems for the project manager. Instead, I’m fickle, unorganized, and indecisive! In other words, I’m lovely to work with ūüėČ

But with all my might, I’ve sure tried to hone in on some selections¬†lately. I’ve put together a mood board to try and steer my wandering eyes back to the plan.

kitchen moodboard for scovell wolfe remodel


COUNTERTOPS: Still a bit indecisive here. Shocking, I know. I’m torn between Maccabeus Quartzite which I’m confident would be super durable (however, it is durability for which you pay a price!) and Danby Marble. Both have a white base with darker veining. My dreams are coming true (at the expense of my kids’ college educations. But hey, I say scholarships are the way to go!) and we’re doing a slab backsplash. Hallelujah.

For the island, I’ve….drumroll…not entirely decided. But I’ll probably either match it to the perimeter tops or go with a Soapstone. I’m hoping that a visit to the slab warehouse here before too long will bring some clarity.

CABINETRY: Despite some sideways looks, I’m actually going with stained cabinetry. Who doesn’t love white cabinets? No one. They’re timeless, classic and you just can’t go wrong. But I wanted to mix it up. So we’re planning on using rift sawn white oak. Here’s an idea of what I’m thinking.

rift cut white oakHARDWARE. Something brass. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

LIGHTING: Well I haven’t decided. But I have narrowed in on 2-3. The Goodman Pendant is totally gorgeous and perfect, but I just see it around so much these days. So I’m hesitant to do it. The brass shop light in the mood board is a definite contender. I think I might wait until the kitchen is otherwise finished before making the call. Nothing wrong with some good ole procrastination, am I right?

FAUCET: Assuming the plumber gives me the go ahead, we’re going to reuse the original faucet. It has a beautiful patina on it and I love it.¬†Fingers crossed it still works!

APPLIANCES: Most of our appliances will be hidden. But the Bertazzoni Dual Fuel range will be front and center. Above it, we’re going with a custom built stainless steel hood that’s going to span from a few¬†feet to the right of the range to a few feet to the left.

BARSTOOLS: This is quite the hot topic between my husband and me. I really want a STOOL. No back. It’s a narrow kitchen and I’d love to be able to tuck the chairs fully and completely beneath the cantilever. He swears that not only are barstools with BACKS more comfortable, they’re safer for little kids. I contend that a child can more easily overturn a chair with a back than a stool with no back. He reminds me that we can’t strap a booster seat to a stool. I inform him (the budget nazi) that barstools with backs are more expensive. He frowns. The argument goes round and round. Maybe this will be another wait-until-the-kitchen-is-finished decision. But if budget were no option, and our kitchen was three feet wider, I’d most definitely, without a doubt go with these gems from Restoration Hardware. Not for the faint of heart. But I just want to wrap my arms around them and hold them all night long. And you can order them in probably three dozen different leather colors. I’d go¬†creamy white. Have I lost my mind??!

restoration hardware barstoolFABRIC: Our window seat got nixed in favor of a different project at our house. But we’ll still have some mudroom cubbies in the kitchen that will need fabric cushions. I want them to be rich, bold and patterned to offset what could quickly become a pretty contemporary kitchen.

I’m super anxious to get back out to the fabric showroom and pick out some fabrics for the window treatments as well. It’ll be like icing on the cake!

CHINA: Our “china” is a set of Match Pewter dishes that I could not recommend more highly nor love more profoundly! Sharyn Blond sells them in Fairway. She has the most charming little store. Definitely stop in if you’re near Fairway.

NAPKINS: Our napkins¬†– from Trapps – are a mismatched collection of Le Jacquard Francais¬†linens. Having started with 4 of the same napkin¬†and then wanting to add to my set a year later only to find the pattern discontinued, we decided to buy a coordinating print. Then wanting to stretch 8 napkins to 12 another few years down the road, we mismatched again. What was initially a bummer I now wouldn’t want any other way!

POTTERY: The french confit pot is a great way to store spatulas and wooden spoons next to the range. I put a big fat sponge at the bottom because otherwise the pot is too deep and spoons will fall in. But otherwise it’s brings such a cool element to a kitchen space.

Ok, so there you have it – a little peak into the direction we’re heading. Looking below, you’ll se we’ve got a long way to go!

scovell wolfe kitchen remodel in progress