I don’t know about you, but I get anxiety just thinking about shopping for the holidays. And you won’t find me anywhere near stores on Black Friday. No thanks. I’d rather warmly stay in my turkey coma than save five bucks on a scarf or $40 on a new TV. Who needs more TVs, anyway? Ok, you caught me. I do actually want to swap ours out for a Smart TV. The thought of chucking the bluray player and all its cords out the window sounds glorious!!! But again, I’d rather recover slowly and peacefully from overeating on the Friday following Thanksgiving than bust into the cold to shop. So, if you find yourself anywhere in that category, here’s a cheat sheet of gifts to give the design loving friend or relative straight from your computer screen, followed by a little info on why I love each one.


Pillows: They’re part festive – part use them year round. Plus they remind me of Christmas lights. And I love gold. Gold anything. Gold anywhere. Gold EVERYWHERE.

Pencils: Form meets function. Form marries function. This brass pencil holder is born.

Book: Erin Gate’s Elements of Style book is the long awaited ink and paper eye-candy from the inspiring designer and blogger. The projects featured are wide-ranging. You’re bound to love something. And her story woven throughout is endearing. Plus, it has a black and white striped spine. Done. Sign me up.

Ornaments: Crafty, but not sloppy. You get the credit when someone thinks you hand-made them, but….drum roll please….you don’t have to hand make them!! More time for eating turkey!

Napkins: This print is versatile. I’ve seen it on umbrellas. I’ve seen it on pillows. I’ve seen it on wallpaper. And now I’ll happily wipe my hands on it.

Wood-crate: A beautiful fireplaceĀ is a thing to behold. And what holds your logs ought to be as well.

Terrariums: No green thumb? Stick some seashells in there and call it a day. A gardener at heart, weeping with the falling snow? Eternal summer inside those terrariums, my friends. Dig your fingers in the soil and dream of sunshine.

Tote: It’s on sale for $10.99!! Need I say more?? I think not…

Wine Cooler: Texture. Pattern. Neutral colors. Alcohol lives inside it. Sounds like a lovely gift to me!

Dough Bowls: This is for the lazy gift giver who wishes they weren’t so lazy as to only give mass-produced gifts. Because these dough bowls didn’t come straight off a factory belt. Nope. They’re actual antiques from Europe. But you can remain in your turkey coma and as opposed to shuffling out in the snow to search through antique stores, you can simply just trust Ballard Designs to take care of it for you! Sold! My mom has had one of these out on her kitchen island for years – full of fresh vegetables and fruit. Love it.

So there you have it. And if this is my husband reading, feel free to buy me any/all of the listed items. Except for the Elements of Style book. I already own it…

What about you? What’s on your wish-list?