I can’t think of a better way to have started off this Monday morning  (okay, maybe I can…) than to open my inbox to see that Scovell Wolfe has been awarded Best of Houzz Design 2015! Very cool. And from what I can tell only 10 Kansas City home-related firms were awarded in this particular division! You can click here to see the list.

Best of Houzz Design 2015


We joined Houzz last May after having more and more clients come to an initial consultation with an iPad in hand showing us what they wanted for their own personal project via the inspiration they found on Houzz. It was a light bulb moment when I thought – wait a minute! I want our clients to show us our projects as the pictures that most have influenced their remodeling decisions.

Ever since creating Scovell Wolfe’s Houzz profile that very same week in 2014, we’ve continued to stuff our page with hundreds of pictures we’ve taken over the last 25 years. We’ve spent hours tracking down past clients to see if I can’t barge in and take pictures of finished projects that we sadly never thought to photograph back in the day. We’d love to look back and have a photographic marker of every project we’ve worked on. That’s a tall order – I admit! With the projects currently on Houzz, here are our 6 most popular, most viewed and most “added to ideabooks” remodeling pictures.

6 most popular scovell wolfe pictures on houzz

But we have so many more worthy, beautiful projects we want to showcase on Houzz! So, slowly and steadily, we are marching on finding pictures hidden in old computer files or stacks of old 4×6’s to digitize them for the web.

4x6 pics of Scovell Wolfe projects

Our portfolio on our company website is definitely more complete – showing just about every project we have a jpeg of. However, if you hop over to our Houzz portfolio, you’ll see our pictures categorized a little differently. So if you have some downtime you should check it out. In addition to popping pictures into folders based on room type, we’ve created several folders that are project specific. So you can see a whole house either built or remodeled by Scovell Wolfe. It’s nice to have a fuller understanding by seeing which house’s kitchen goes with that same house’s master suite or basement. It’s fun to see the cohesiveness of the whole scope. We also spend time answering questions when Houzz users wonder about a room’s paint color or a kitchen’s hardware finish.

Houzz profile for Scovell Wolfe

Anyway, we’re excited to be recognized by Houzz in their Best of Design category. And we’re grateful for all of the clients over the last 25 years that have awarded us their remodeling projects which have allowed us to build such a stunning portfolio. So, thank you!