Back in 1994, we were hired by a homeowner in Mission Hills to remodel their Old Sagamore kitchen. Then, 21 years later in a fun twist of fate, we were called back by the new homeowners for round two! Here was Scovell Wolfe’s first remodel of the kitchen in all its 90’s glory:

before scovell wolfe kitchen remodel in mission hillsAnd here it is now!

after kitchen remodel by scovell wolfe in mission hills

Pretty phenomenal, huh? From dark and heavy, to bright and airy. At first glance, the general layout of the kitchen remained the same, but take a closer look – hardly anything is the same! From the shape of the island dramatically changing, to swapping the location of the range and refrigerator, and ever so slightly adjusting the passage location from the kitchen to the mudroom (to name a few things), a lot went on to make this kitchen the show-stopper it now is!

kitchen remodel with large eat-in island after by scovell wolfe

Let’s talk details.

After seriously weighing the options between the different possible cabinet door styles that there are out there, the homeowners sat down with our cabinet designer for a master class on the various styles before ultimately choosing the always good option of inset doors. Add to it custom 5 piece, flat panel doors with ogee sticking instead of the more common beaded, raised panel door, and the look of the cabinetry perfectly embodies a new traditional aesthetic – timeless yet fresh.

What you can’t see from these pictures is all of the interior organization housed within and behind the doors. Although hidden here, it’s one of our clients’ favorite parts of the kitchen – all the smart, organized storage. Even their toaster oven and coffee maker are out of the way, concealed behind closed doors, but remain plugged in and ready to use. Another small appliance of note – the microwave drawer is conveniently housed in the kitchen’s island. Being the parent of two little ones personally, this accessible microwave means only one thing for me. An opportunity to teach your child at a young age to cook their own Easy-Mac! Hallelujah!

Over on the sink wall – we did another major overhaul…

165 websiteThe new bridge faucet and farmhouse sink are stunning. And it never, ever, ever hurts to have a carrara subway tile backsplash. Also worth mentioning that this young family tells me the honed, Bianco marble is holding up quite well despite toddler fingers! Marble in the kitchen is certainly not for the faint of heart, with a maintenance-heavy regiment for keeping them protected and in good shape, but for those up for the challenge, they’re absolutely beautiful!

Powell 36 websiteAcross from the sink, the homeowners and their interior designer Natalie O’Shaughnessey packed a big punch in a small walkway leading to the dining room. High gloss, lacquered paint in a color matching that of the island adorns the new dry bar cabinetry, topped like the rest of the kitchen with a carrara marble tile backsplash – only this time in an arabesque cut.

wet bar progressionAnd of course, you can’t forget that just beyond the kitchen island’s prep sink and past the french pocket door is the oh-so-memorable powder bath and mudroom/pantry/laundry room that we shared with you last month. If you missed it, take a look at the before and after pictures here (complete with sources on how to get the look).

Powell 37 websiteAs with the mudroom, the kitchen is just too good not to share some links to similar finishings and finds! Or, of course, you can always hit up O’Home in Crestwood where the homeowners’ designer has a home boutique.

mood board for scovell wolfe kitchen remodelfaucet//kitchen towels//potted plant//range//bar stool//farmhouse sink//backsplash//refrigerator//pendant//knives//olive oils//vase

The best news is that there’ s more! I’ll be back soon with photographs and details on this family’s living room, dining room, family room and master!