Part of my job that’s my favorite is going out to get pictures of the projects we’ve completed. You get to skip the blood, sweat and tears and just embrace the ‘after.’ Lucky for me, it brings me into some pretty dang inspiring spaces. Last month I went out with a photographer and captured some shots of a laundry room and mudroom we finished this past year. I’m not sure if this before and after is actually more dramatic or less dramatic given what a transformation it was. It’s basically an altogether different room. But nonetheless! Prior to the remodel, the room was – get this – an exterior screened in porch…



And with a lot of imagination and creativity on the part of John Wind, the architect, we were able to turn that porch into this covet-worthy mudroom and laundry room…



Can I get an amen? Thank you. I mentioned it on Facebook last week when I posted this little sneak peak, but I’ll say it again. This sort of luxurious addition to your house ought to be near the top of the list when it comes to potential projects if you’re looking to better the value of your home. And not just your resale value. Your everyday quality of life value! I myself am a new member of the ‘my laundry is on the first floor’ club and I sport my membership badge proudly. In my case, the badge is a clean shirt. Because now I do laundry regularly as opposed to when I had to haul my behind down our dark, cold basement steps to do it. I know, right? It’s pretty spectacular. And then to have individual cubbies for each member of the family to hang their jackets, backpacks and shoes? Um…hello. Glory. I’m not a member of that club…yet. But I can only imagine the pleasure it would elicit to tuck my daughter’s *light-flashing* Frozen backpack away, out of sight, into a cubby everyday after school. I’m not kidding. The backpack flashes. Thank you, Disney. I owe ya one.

Anyway, remember that post I wrote way back when where I listed the top ten things clients walk away unexpectedly LOVING about their remodel? Well main floor laundry and a designated mudroom were number one and number two. So, basically these clients are giant overachievers and combined and executed the two most wonderful elements on the list and became rockstar homeowners. You should do the same. And call Scovell Wolfe to do it 🙂 In the  meantime, here’s how you can get the look on your own…

graphicYou can find all these pieces by clicking on the corresponding number…1//2//3//4//5//6//7


So, cheers to clean clothes and a clean entry. Oh, and a super cute dog.