Earlier this week I shared some before and afters of this Loose Park home’s kitchen.

Today I’m back with some more photographs of the main floor. I really can’t express to you how much my heart cries out for joy when I see grasscloth. It’s inexplicable, really. But it makes me weak in the knees. So I was pretty much walking on my knees all day as we photographed this house. Because, hello, there is grasscloth in ALL four of the rooms we shot. Be still, my heart. I told the homeowner that as I plan my own personal home remodel right now, I’ve been torn, unable to decide which room to hang grasscloth in. But after shooting her house I have the answer. Put it everywhere. Amen and amen.

Anyway, let’s get to it. Just like the kitchen, the family room and breakfast room were first remodeled by us in the 90s! We were so thrilled to be invited back this past year for round two. Below are the “After” pictures from 1999 followed by the most recent “Afters” from 2016.

before and after living room entertainment center with new wallpaper and paint

Do you see that texture on the wall?? Here’s a blurry closeup just in case.

close up of grasscloth wallpaper textureAnd, these clients are legit. Friends, they not only hung the wallpaper on the walls, but on the backs on each newly repainted bookcase cubby! Brilliant!

close up of entertainment center With Nancy Ruzicka guiding them as she so masterfully does, all the drapes and most of the furniture in the room was reupholstered with new fabric.

new paint and grasscloth in loose park family room As you can see from my ‘circa 1999’ before, the entertainment center, recessed lighting, etc. was all a part of our first remodel with the homeowners. It is so cool to see how it’s stood the test of time.

game table in family room of scovell wolfe remodel

close up of family room

bar area leading to family roomYou can’t quite tell from these pictures, but the passage leading from the family room to the breakfast room is actually flanked on either side by matching bars from our ’99 remodel (only one is pictured). I loved the look then, and I love it now. A whopping 17 years later! And in case you were wondering, yes, that foliage patterned wallpaper surrounding the wet bar is also grasscloth. I’m telling you – it’s almost unbearable to be around such beauty! I can’t even deal!

Just beyond the bar area is this lovely breakfast room.

bar room leading to breakfast roomNotice how the upholstery of the end chairs matches that of the kitchen’s barstools? Here’s a flashback to Monday’s post with a shot of the island chairs

kitchen island with upholstered bar stoolsBut back to the dining room. Quite honestly, I was a little sad to see this wallpaper go, but it turned out amazingly well when it was all said and done, and now I love the room even more.

before and after of breakfast roomAfter digging through our archives, I’ll toss in a little bonus room picture just for fun that we didn’t get a chance to photograph last week. Just beyond the breakfast room is the screened in porch that we added on 17 years ago! You’ll have to take my word for it, but this house sits on such an incredible lot near Loose Park, and this screened-in porch is perfect. The window above the kitchen sink looks onto the porch, and the porch looks over the family’s pool. Amazing!


Wrapping up, let’s circle back to the breakfast room and just drool once more over the mix of all these fabrics and, again, the grasscloth!! This time in a herringbone. Yum. It’s just so good.

fabric mix in scovell wolfe remodel

So there you have it. One of my all time favorite family and breakfast rooms! So thankful these clients invited us back for this recent touch-up! And don’t forget to check out all the work we did in their kitchen  (below) as well!