Being the second generation at Scovell Wolfe has a lot of perks. One advantage is that it means Scovell Wolfe is old enough to have been around the block a few times! Literally. This past year we returned to the block of a client for whom we (aka the old people at the company…ahem….Jim and Pat) had done a lot of work in the past. This time around though, we modified and upgraded the kitchen that we first put in for the homeowners back in the late 90s! So my “before” pictures are the “after” pictures from that 1999 first go round. How fun is that?

The clients’ home is the kind of home that makes Kansas City great. Nestled in a hilly enclave west of Loose Park, the red brick colonial screams history and refinement. And inside is no different. Working with Nancy Ruzicka, our clients took the bones (and even some of the cabinetry!) of their existing ’99 kitchen and gave it a beautifully fresh look, feel and function.

kitchen before and after both remodeled by scovell wolfe designed by nancy ruzickaWhile much of the floorplan remained the same, there was one very significant change we made during the remodel. In the past, two louvered doors opened up into a walk-in pantry. Over time, the space began feeling cramped and lacked some function. Carving out a new header in the home’s brick, we were able to integrate the area with the body of the kitchen, even relocating the family’s refrigerator to the space. Now with Subzero paneled doors, you’d never guess that there are appliances behind it all! Not to mention that the space is now entirely cohesive with the rest of the kitchen.

before during and after pictures of walk in pantry with paneled subzero fridgeTucked inside this once-pantry corner is a wonderfully charming, oval window from our ’99 renovation, which now shines its light onto a great little prep area.

walk in pantry before and after design by nancy ruzicka

And, of course, you can’t miss the walls of tile throughout. Our clients picked out such a unique Euphoria glazed tile called “Autumn Leaves.”

coffee prep station with original oval window and doorless cabinet shelves

Along the south wall of the kitchen, we removed the paneled refrigerator, then built new cabinetry to match the existing (which underwent some work to reduce the distressing) before it all got painted!

before, progress and after of scovell wolfe remodeled kitchen with retrofitted cabinetryPretty cool how you’d never even know there was once a fridge there!

curved cabinetry detail with glass paned doors and euphoria glaze tile backsplashThis kitchen is so jam-packed with surprises and cool features – one of which you may already have noticed. The homeowner had long collected tiles from her travels and was able to work with her designer to integrate them into a mosaic pattern on the ceiling above the island of all places!

ceiling before and after with mosaic antique tile patternBeneath this ceiling tile mosaic sits the original kitchen island. Glazed by our painter and topped with a gorgeous new walnut counter, the piece has a whole new lease on life!

before and after of island stripped, stained and topped with walnut counterThe island, complete with new, upholstered barstools (which match some of the upholstery in the adjoining breakfast room), and surrounded by newly-installed hardwoods in place of the tile floor, has become a total stunner!

walnut island before and after with new hardwood floors and upholstered barstools by nancy ruzicka designAnd there you have it: a Scovell Wolfe kitchen Take 2.

But that’s not all. We also revisited the breakfast room and family room of this historic Kansas City house. I’ll be back later in the week with a look at those pictures. I’ll give you something to look forward to for now…grasscloth, grasscloth and more grasscloth. It’s like my heaven!!