Ok, it’s time. It’s the long-awaited master suite reveal! And when I say long, I mean it’s been since January 14, 2015 that I first began writing about this stately Brookside Tudor. What? Yes, really that long.


Like I mentioned in the last post, if I’ve learned anything about this process it’s that while Scovell Wolfe knocks out 90% of the transformation, the last 10% (draperies, furnishings, artwork) is a slow, personal and sometimes luck-driven final push. How many antique store visits before you finally stumble upon the perfect antique Oushak for your hallway? Nobody knows. How many paintings will you see before you lock in on the one that you’re certain you can gaze at for decades and never tire of? Perhaps 100.

Or maybe more depressingly, how long before you surrender and accept that what you were certain would be a “library” as you designed the remodel is now a full fledged playroom and you finally move out the mahogany desk in favor of a train table. Is it weeks or months before you finally allow yourself to go buy the 4th barstool as it seems that despite your best intentions to eat dinner in the dining room, everyone ends up at the island night after night. Such is life!

These little tweaks take time to discover, and when possible, we love to take the pictures once the house is good and lived in! Hence, the 9 month-post completion photoshoot. Okay, okay, maybe the homeowner having a baby followed by the chaos of the holidays also had something to do with the extended photography scheduling. But we finally got in there and revealed the bulk of the house’s before and afters last week in this post.


But, without further ado: the master suite.

Upon purchase, the space was comprised of an original bathroom on the north end of home…

original bathroom before scovell wolfe remodel…connected by a hallway lined with wardrobes to the dressing room on the south end. The dressing room (pictured below) was long ago the home’s sleeping porch. But sometime prior, previous homeowners had converted the space into a walk-in closet of sorts. By installing floor to ceiling, doored, wardrobes along the perimeter, it certainly was a step in the right direction.


But there was still the issue of a very dated bathroom. Plus while helpful, the wardrobes didn’t fully maximize the space. Three windows had already been covered up by the closet units, and you hated to cover up more natural light, but then again, in a closet what’s prized more than wall space?? It was quite the conundrum. Until of course, the brilliant plan was hatched to reverse the closet and bathroom. Boom. Problems solved.

Here was the original floorplan.


And here was the proposed new plan:

scovell wolfe's proposed new master suite planLuckily, our clients were able to see past the rough-looking CAD drawings we proposed and trust us that the real deal would be exceptionally beautiful. And it was!


The tub faucet itself is like a work of art all its own. The couple, if you recall, has a very timeless taste with a slightly contemporary edge. Whenever I look at these pictures, Hollywood Glam comes to mind. Is that actually a design genre? I don’t know. But that’s what I think of!

tub faucet in master bath scovell wolfe remodelWe removed the wardrobes which covered the east bank of windows, letting even more light into the new bathroom. The new walk-in shower boasts carrara marble mosaic tile on the floors and walls. The theme of carrara is prominent throughout the entire space in multiple manifestions – large square tiles on the walls, an arabesque pattern in the shower and a waterfall countertop on each of the vanities.

shower before after

scovell wolfe remodeled walk in  master showerHis and hers vanities flank the east and west sides of the archway which houses the walk-in shower on one side and a toilet room on the other.

Here again you see the intersection of a more traditional design approach (with the creamy wall color in lieu of bright white, the hardwood floors, and the choice of marble on the countertop) with the couples’ modern flair (seen in the tile application going all the way to the ceiling, and the vanity cabinetry showcasing simple, slab doors without drawer hardware).


left vanityPretty stunning new bathroom, huh? And what’s equally amazing is that the new closet is just as luxurious. By combining the original bathroom square footage to the original “hallway” closet, we were able to grab plenty of room for the homeowners’ clothes.

closetGlancing at the north window in both the before and the after allow you to really see just how far this space came from bathroom to closet!


closet cabinetry

Here’s a shot back to the bathroom so you can see how the two spaces tie together.

shoe storageA little less dramatic in terms of remodeling, but just as dramatic a transformation in terms of style is the master bedroom.

A well known Kansas City interior designer in her own right, the previous homeowner had a much different aesthetic than our clients. It’s fun to see this same space done well twice and yet done in two totally different genres. Here are the bedroom befores:


IS5q7pi6i721ia1000000000And here is the young, new version of the same:

master bedroom

master sitting areaSo there’s the reveal at long last! Pretty worth the wait, wouldn’t you say? It was such a treat to work for these clients and help design and remodel the new layout as the family made their way from New York City back to the wife’s hometown of Kansas City. It’s even more of a treat for us when we return to see the now-lived in home and discover they have impeccable taste and beautiful furniture!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the before and afters of the rest of their home in this post. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find:

living room