My husband and I bought a Diebel tudor in Brookside, Kansas City just last summer. In fact, I think we got possession right about this time last year. And the house was as full of potential as it was full of dated shag carpet and rippled wallpaper. I like to think of myself as having been around the block a few times when it comes to making house decisions. This is after all our 6th place in the last four years. So it ain’t exactly our first rodeo. Nonetheless, I naively believed that the bigger the house we bought, the more the rooms we had, and thus the more there’d be to decorate. And, uh hello, I’m all about more rooms to decorate. Unfortunately it turns out that buying a bigger house actually means having more rooms in the house that I can’t afford to decorate. Lame.

The powder bath fell into the category of a room that was super dated, but completely liveable, whereas the kitchen fell into the must. remodel. now. category. (You can see the before tour of our house over here.) Initially, I told John if he’d just paint the yellow and black tile white and strip the wallpaper in the bathroom, we’d make it work indefinitely.



Well, I was wrong. I loathed this room. We all did. We found ourselves not even using it. So, we finally cut our losses and had the bathroom gutted – all 3 glorious inches of mortar behind that original tile.


Then came all the time-consuming, unexciting details that necessarily transpire behind picture ready walls – the insulating, drywalling, mudding, trimwork, etc.


Meanwhile, I did some Pinteresting like any good wife would do and found a whole slew of inspiration pictures that we couldn’t afford to implement. You’re welcome.


That totally looks within our budget, right? I think my husband agreed with whatever you’re thinking right now. Something along the lines of dream on. And I can’t deny that this project Scovell Wolfe completed over a decade ago is a clear favorite of mine and has had a definite influence on the overall aesthetic of our powder room.


Back to reality, our busted up bathroom began to take shape.


The wainscoting going up was a pretty spectacular day. As was the day the floor was installed. Although my daughter keeps walking in with her hands up, ‘saying, mommy they forgot the toilet again!’




We definitely made a few concessions in an effort to retain enough money to buy superfluous things like baby formula and food. I opted out of some super pricey tile in favor of one of my old favs – Saltillo Mexican tile. And we kept the original window and only replaced the window trim. We’ll need to hang a curtain on the lower half of the window for privacy regardless of whether it’s new or not. And at that point, most of the window is hidden anyway. So, it was an easy no, again, in an effort to eat, pay for electricity, blah blah blah. All that boring stuff.

I did however slip some wallpaper into the mix. Except John Wylie, our wallpaper hanger, came over on Friday to personally deliver the wonderful news that I misordered and will be all of three feet of wallpaper shy. Given I ordered the paper back when this project started, all the rolls from that dye lot have been sold. Womp. Womp. Here’s to hoping that whatever roll comes in the mail this week is a consistent color!

Anyway, below is the mood board that I put together as a loose look at our vision for our own powder bath. Read: John didn’t actually let me liquidate our retirement to purchase the entirety of my plan. Lame… But how cool would this bathroom look in real life?!


If you’re interested in any of the elements from this mood board, here’s where you can find out more…1//2//3//4//5//6//7

Update!! This project is finished! Check out the afters here.