Remember when we introduced you to that super dated Brookside powder bath back in August. Well, HERE IT IS FINISHED!!!


If you recall the “I’m a dreamer” vision of this bathroom started with a mood board like this…


To stay within my husband’s harsh budget constraints…kidding…sort of….I had to slash about half my ideas. However sometimes the best things comes when you’re forced to be resourceful!! Right?? I got to keep the Thibaut wallpaper in the mix – mainly because I’d already purchased the non-returnable item. Oops. That’s how I handle mutual decision-making discussions with my husband. “Hey, so I know you want to keep the cost down on this bathroom. And I totally agree and will do anything to make that happen. It would totally save money if we didn’t wallpaper the room with that non-returnable paper I already purchased. Hmmm…let’s brainstorm what to do about that…You got nothing? Yeah, me neither. Looks like we’re wallpapering!!” And thus, we mutually decided to continue on with the wallpaper. Marriage is all about compromise, people. I know I read that somewhere. I just can’t remember where…
Anyway, you’ll see on the mood board that I was aiming high and gunning for a new rug. Practically speaking, though, this powder bath is straight off the front door – where you’ve barely had enough time to shake the mud off your boots and not the best candidate for an antique rug. So we opted for Saltillo mexican tile to warm things up instead. At $4 a square foot I barely blinked. Plus, I love it next to the wainscoting.


Here, again, was the before…


My goal with the sink vanity was to have it take up as little breathing room as possible. The powder bath is already on the small side so I wanted it to feel larger by finding a sink with a small footprint. Especially since I knew I’d be putting some sort of dresser or hutch on the opposite wall for things like extra towels and other bathroomy things. I didn’t want to overcrowd the space. So we went with a new Kohler pedestal sink.

Then, when Pottery Barn went out of business on the Plaza last year we scored this pivot mirror for 75% off. I had actually purchased a pretty stellar burlwood mirror at Rivermarket Antique Mall for this very project, but ultimately the overall feel of the room was becoming too cottage-like. I wanted the room to look classic but have a few things that confirmed that the remodel was in fact done in 2014. The clean lines of this mirror helped me get there.


So did this Cedar and Moss light fixture. It comes in brass and while I’m all about that brass, bout that brass, bout that brass, this room was begging for some black. TiltConeBLKnMy major lack of photography skills resulted in some pretty embarrassing efforts to get a shot of this sconce in action, but you can use your imagination. From my overblown pictures you’d have thought the light was on fire.



This was the sink area in all its glory before…


My favorite part of this room is definitely the wainscoting. Previously, it was all tile on the lower half of the walls and the damage done by removing it was pretty great. It’s definitely possible but a little difficult to match in new drywall with old plaster. I didn’t even want to go down that road, so we did full wainscoting instead. It’s painted in Sherwin Williams’ White Duck. I seriously toyed with doing something crazy like army green or navy blue. I even sampled a few and was pretty close to pulling the trigger. But in the end, the wallpaper won out and I went with a color as close to the tone of the paper as I could find.


And speaking of the paper, I begged our wallpaper hanger to do everything in his power to scrounge up enough paper to stretch it all the way to the ceiling. And he’s awesome and pulled it off. He said he was about 6 inches away from being too short. Live on the edge, people.


So there you go. A big upgrade to a little bathroom.


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