Thanksgiving is upon us. And while it will inevitably look quite different this year with fewer friends and smaller tables, that’s not to say that it needs to be any less beautiful!

Earlier this fall we partnered with Nell Hills to set the table and the scene in Mindy and Jim’s new Mission Hills remodel. They came armed with branches of bittersweet, stacks of plates and bags full of custom pillows.

To really appreciate how charming this living room and dining room are you’d have to see a couple of before pictures. We took a pretty basic, dining room, and made it a little more intentional in it’s function as one. For instance, it originally had a pair of French doors leading to the master bedroom. Not ideal to have a view of a bed while buttering your bread, so those went away. Bonus: it gave us a wall for Mindy and Jim’s pine hutch. And while the number of windows were great, there was one which offered little light and instead led to the screened porch. Getting rid of it allowed us another wall to hang some art – and the glass patio doors still let in light. The last big clean up in this room involved taking down the dated paneling and hanging sheetrock.

In the living room, we loved the original fireplace: from the flame to the marble surround to the mantle, it was totally fitting for their style. (Sadly, the marble has a crack, but it adds a little charm, right?)

We added some crown molding, popped in a half a dozen can lights, a pair of flanking sconces, paint on the walls and a rich, dark stain on the floors.