I knew by the time that the fourth gal left and then dragged her husband back to see our “NARI Remodeled Homes Tour” featured project this weekend, that this house was the perfect choice for us to show off! Another tour guest came back THREE times in the same afternoon!

And countless others lingered for the better part of an hour memorizing every detail of the impeccably decorated and designed home!

dining room and wet bar with sunflower art

There was nothing in the house left untouched by Scovell Wolfe.¬†From basement to screened-in porch to kitchen to attic conversion…You get the idea! It was a WHOLE house remodel in every sense of the term. (If you didn’t make it to the tour, you can see all of the before and afters here!)

Luckily, the homeowner¬†prepared us with a much sought after list of paint colors, countertop selections and the like for everyone who drooled over their aesthetic during the open house. An aesthetic that is both classic and timeless. Neutral, but not boring. Brand new, yet looks like it’s been there forever.

Everybody was asking….how do we get this look??

after of prairie village corinth living room

So, for all those who fell in love with this couple’s home over the weekend, here’s how you can bring it to your own home! We scoured the internet for similar pieces you can order yourself!

source list for remodeled homes tour decor
Sofa//Rug//Mirror//Candles//Majolica//Artwork//Wall Paint//Cabinet Paint//Occasional Chair//Barstool//Chandelier//Sconce//Clock

Happy shopping and a HUGE thank you to our lovely clients who opened their home for the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour and inspired over 600 people with their fabulous remodel and decor!