Over the course of the last couple years we have had the incredibly unique opportunity to REMODEL 2 IDENTICAL TOWNHOMES for two utterly un-identical clients! Here’s how it all started…

Back in 2012 we contracted with Client #1 to completely update his newly purchased townhome. The remodel was a smashing success – garnering far and away the most exposure and popularity though Houzz that we’ve ever had. In fact, we’re so confident that the remodel was a home run, we’ve even just recently entered it into a ‘Whole House Remodel of the Year’ award. Hello! Better win now that you know it’s in the running 🙂 Anyway, we loved the project so much that we also put it on tour with NARI last Spring which brings us to the next project…

Enter Client #2. A neighbor in the same grouping of townhomes as Client #1 came walking through the NARI tour and beheld such a wonder, she just had to do it to her own townhome! The fun part was that their styles were oh so different that we were able to create two dramatically unique, yet equally beautiful spaces. One fit perfectly for one client. The other was a total match for the other. The ‘befores’ are nearly interchangeable  – save for some differing wallpapers and cabinet colors. However each had the exact same floorplan, which makes the afters even more fun to compare.

First up let’s take the master bathroom. Client #1’s bathroom had been modified in order to be wheelchair accessible so it’s a little different but check out the transformation!


Pretty awesome, huh? One is slightly softer and more feminine.



(I’ll pop in a little disclosure before I show off any more of the pics…Client #1’s ‘after’ pictures were professionally taken for the award we entered so all credit for those beautiful photographs goes straight to Chad Jackson Photography. The photographer for Client #2’s after pictures is rather embarrassed at the poor quality of their photography and is refusing to take credit…ahem. Can you guess who that is??)  Anyway, back to the reveal…

On the left of each of these double vanities was a spot for a bathtub. Again, due to the previous owner of the first townhouse, the tub had been removed to become handicap accessible. Instead of going back in with a tub, Client #1 choose to relocate his laundry in that space. Client #2 however kept the concept after gutting it and went back in with a new tub.


I love how, again, this just shows each of our client’s distinct personalities and needs. One preferred laundry. One preferred a bathtub. Different folks, different strokes!

Both clients, however, made excellent decisions to remodel their showers! And both turned out fabulously although you’ll have to take my word for it on the second. My the anonymous photographer’s poor photography skills and lack of a wide angle lens didn’t allow me them to grab a shot of Client #2’s shower. Womp. Womp. But, behold, here’s Client #1’s before and after…


Quite a change!!

Moving right along…Other than paint and new carpet for the master bedroom for client #2, they loved everything the way it was and the room was by and large left out of the scope of work. So, we didn’t snatch any pictures of it, however here is the ‘after’ for Client #1:


Next up, the living room was really fun to work on. Again, each of our clients had near identical rooms beforehand. But each had different visions for what they’d like in the end, although both chose to upgrade their trim package. Take a look…


Here’s the other end of client #1’s living room before…


and after….HOLLA!!! Do you see that tongue and groove ceiling we added?? Just want to make sure. And triple pinch pleat, double lined drapes??? I die…Oh and don’t forget to feast your eyes on that incredibly unique and beautiful hardwood floor stain color.


Ok, now for the the kitchen. We went two totally different routes in here. Client #1’s kitchen was in BAD shape – the cabinets no longer functioned well and they desired to relocate their laundry. Client #2, on the other hand, simply didn’t like the aesthetics of the kitchen, but functionally, the cabinets were in perfect shape. So the first kitchen remodel was more of a gut job. The second kitchen remodel was more of a makeover with new appliances, countertops, cabinet doors and stain color, etc.


Here’s another angle:


So remember that laundry I keep mentioning? While Client #2 preferred to keep it intact, Client #1 went a whole notha direction!!!! Check out this before and after, my friends, and I dare you not to be jealous. And blown away. Equal parts amazing and covet-worthy.


So there you have it – a before AND after AND after! Choose your flavor, friends. But whatever your flavor, call us to make it happen!!!

By the way, we’re happy to answer any questions about paint colors, appliances, etc. so leave a question in the comment section and we’ll get back to you! Or just leave us a comment and tell us what you think about the transformations!