Remember way back to early 2015 when I tracked the progress of this incredible Brookside Tudor? Yeah, me neither. It feels like a lifetime ago! It was my first go at following a Scovell Wolfe remodel real-time on the blog. I was plugging along pretty consistently (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) But it turns out that the final, furnished “After” pictures takes quite a bit of time to develop! Like,…a year!

brookside tudor

I wanted the after pictures to really live up to the beauty of the home and the project, and I felt like unfurnished photographs wouldn’t do it justice! So we waited for curtains to be made and curtains to be hung. For a nursery to be designed and a baby to be born (yes! another sweet girl for the young homeowners!), for artwork to be selected and artwork to be installed. All the things that made the house a home. We waited and waited until finally last month I got the honor of taking in our photographer to shoot the space.

scovell wolfe sunroom

What a joy! This couple, with their impeccable taste and approachable high-design took the incredible bones of this 100 year old house and created a stunning space!

living room before and after scovell wolfe

What made this project even more fun was that it was previously owned by Kansas City designer with a distinctly different style than our clients’. The way both the current and past homeowners’ tastes have so seamlessly been applied to the same house is a testament to the amazing architecture of the Tudor.

Take, for instance, the foyer. Our clients blended their young, modern sensibilities with the grandeur and elegance of the existing wrought iron railing and glazed, paneled doors. And check out the new marble floor and tone-on-tone damask wallcovering in the after shot. Flawless!

the same foyer in kansas city decorated by two separate designers

Here’s a wider shot of the living room. One thing I love about the couples’ approach to design is the versatility of the wall colors. Anyone walking through the home would be struck by how much the couple clearly loves color. And yet nearly every room is painted off-white. It’s counterintuitive for some color-lovers to consider going with neutrals walls, but just look at how much more the lamps, pillows and draperies stand out!

brookside tudor scovell wolfe remodel living roomBeyond the living room is a study which adjoins the formal living space to the family room. Like I mentioned above, somehow even though the couple painted the walls “white” (ish!) the room is still as packed with vibrant color now as it was before when the walls were drenched in blue.

music room before progress by scovell wolfe and after

brookside tudor study and music room

Our clients were cautious to respect the beauty of some of the home’s original features even as they sought to update the house. In the dining room, they chose to glaze the paneling (just as they did to anything stained throughout the house..window trim, moldings, doors, etc.) in order to darken it. And then, of course, it never hurts to add an amazing chandelier or custom draperies 😉

scovell wolfe dining room before and after Upstairs is where Scovell Wolfe did the bulk of our work. But I’m going to make you wait a few more days until you see the Master Suite because it’s well deserving of its own post! But for now, let’s take a peak into the children’s rooms.

Isn’t it fun to see how two different designers – more than a decade apart – approached designing the same room for a little girl?! This time around, our client kept with wallpaper as a feature, but this time chose a bright, vibrant floral. Isn’t that beautiful!!!

nursery wallpaper before and after hung by scovell wolfe

Slightly more subdued, but still just as cheerful is their youngest daughter’s bedroom.

scovell wolfe client's daughter's nursery So there you have it for now. But later this week, come back and see the master suite. (You can brush up by reading the last progress post from Spring 2015 here.) You’ll never believe how amazing the closet-turned-bathroom looks now! Just imagine…free standing tub, waterfall marble vanity tops, a wall of windows. It’s worth circling back in a few days!