Sometimes some of the most rewarding remodeling projects are not the knock down, drag out, tear your house apart and put it back together again in a totally different way projects. Sometimes it’s simply a homeowner with an eye to refine a part of their house that looks just fine as it is, but could look a whole heck of a lot better! That’s exactly what happened in this Mission Hills home earlier this winter. An otherwise beautiful family room, one stairstep down from the kitchen and living room…yet there was just something about the room being sunken-in that made the windows feel a little squat.

The decision to swap them out for new windows and french doors – this time with TRANSOMS – made a fantastic difference! While we were at it, the homeowners also opted to swap out one of the two exterior doors in that room for an additional window with a transom. Again, there was nothing ground breaking about this project. Nothing dramatic. And yet, the difference between the before and after feels substantial – especially in person.

before and after of living room with transom windows


It’s these sort of details that can take a room to another level. We love partnering with clients on the big projects, but we love partnering with them to tweak their houses just as much. And you can’t beat a remodel that doesn’t require you to move out or do dishes in the bathtub for a solid season. Can I get an amen?