There is nothing quite like having a light and bright new bathroom. It’s especially nice to have a space like this in an otherwise dark lower level. Plus this project took place during 2020, so a bright spot was particularly needed!

Here is the original Jack and Jill style bathroom. 

We toyed with simply doing a facelift, but ultimately deemed the original floorplan too choppy to continue to invest in it cosmetically. And there was a cavity behind the tub that was completely unused. It felt like a waste to not maximize that space. 

hallbrook bathrom as built

For this remodel, we removed the shower/tub combo and installed a spacious shower with a bench. We created a private water closet for the toilet. And we installed a new vanity with a linen cabinet tower for more storage. Here is the new floor plan.

Once we felt good about the floorplan we moved on to the extra fun part: aesthetics. Ruth jumped in with this showstopper of a moodboard.

We went with a sleek look with inset cabinets, a white diamond marble countertop, and polished nickel fixtures. The Visual Comfort mirror mounted sconces make a statement and give the space an open feeling.

FOLIO objects and art worked with us on the staging of this bathroom, and she nailed it! I love the unique and perfectly curated mix of objects. Just look at this beautiful vignette.

This stunning bathroom remodel has quickly become a favorite of mine.