I asked my husband what I ought to blog about this week. He quickly affirmed the male stereotype. “GRILLS!” he exclaimed! Write about grills! Spring is in the air. The weather is looking up. Doors and windows are opening up. And everyone is moving outdoors for dinner. Because everybody loves to grill, right?

Wrong! I am not a griller. However if given the right arrangement, by golly, you might just find me out there 7 nights a week.

So here we go, per my husband’s request, a compilation of grills I could get down with. And grilled food I could get down with, too…

inspiring built-in grills and grilled food

What do you think? Did an outdoor kitchen just get bumped to the top of your remodeling wish list?

We’ve done some phenomenal built-in grills and outdoor kitchens in our 25 years. Here’s one of my favorites that we integrated into the backside of this client’s new screened-in porch (although sadly the grill is hiding under its cover!!).

built in grill behind a screened in porch

Here’s another Scovell Wolfe favorite. You can see the outdoor kitchen tucked away behind the pool.

backyard pool, patio and covered outdoor kitchen with builtin grill

In fact, these projects are so popular that a hardwired gas line for your grill was #7 on the list of  Our Top 10 Favorite Remodeling Afterthoughts!

Meanwhile, as you dream about future outdoor renovations, here’s where you can find recipes for all that gorgeous grilled food pictured above:

grilled kale//stuffed artichokes//bleu cheese burgers//beef kabobs//peaches + mint//grilled romaine//eggplant salad//proscuitto pizza//dijon chicken