brookside kansas city bathroom remodel with white marble and free standing tub

As a design + build firm, there’s a lot of planning that happens on our projects before we ever pick up a pencil and start drawing or pick up a hammer and start swinging. A doctor cannot prescribe a medication without first diagnosing the illness. Likewise, we can’t propose a truly personalized new and beautiful concept or solution to you without first thoroughly understanding what’s not working with your home. As we listen to you talk, our wheels begin to turn and the Design Process unfolds. At the conclusion of this phase, you will have a floorplan, elevations, specs, and selections in hand. In short, everything you need to start the Build phase.

The Design Process


Every great project starts with a great plan. And a great plan can only be explored once your existing space has been measured. With an “as-built” in-hand, our team is able to generate design concepts and collaborate with you to home in on the best floorplan. It is so important that before we pick out paint colors, we know that the space will function well, be appropriately lit (think: electrical plan) and integrate seamlessly into the rest of your home. The best way to do this is a look overhead! Sometimes your space lends itself to several different floorplan options and other times there’s a single, clear approach.


This is where things begin to look real – just as if you were standing in front of each new wall in our proposed design.

With the advantage of our interior elevations, you’ll be certain you have enough drawers (and in the right spot!) for everything from silverware in the kitchen to curling irons in the bathroom. We want to make sure that your bookshelves are at just the right height for your collection of Ina Garten cookbooks. And if you’re installing a Visual Comfort sconce over that collection, we want to know exactly how high to wire it. Elevations not only allow us to make sure that everyone is on the same page about design, but they verify that all the components of your project can be pieced together without a hiccup during construction.


Construction drawings completed, we’re ready for the personality of your project. With the help of our designers – if you need it – we lock in your faucet selections and lay out your tile. We pick out your double ovens – home to future Thanksgiving turkeys. We find the perfect countertop for your white oak island and the perfect sconces to flank your bathroom mirror. So many moving parts – from grout colors to door hinges – and they all land in one place on a well-ordered selection sheet before the permit ever gets pulled.


We intentionally invite our trade partners to walk your home with the plan in hand early in the process. With an onsite visit, our subcontractors can forecast and prevent potential problems, provide us with a detailed bid, and avoid surprise Change Orders down the road.



No more ball park estimates – just a real number. Written in layman’s narrative detailing everything that is and is not included, how it’s going to be executed and within what timeframe, our Fixed Price Bid Proposal ensures that you understand how we are going to once and for all make your house beautiful and functional.

The Build Process

Plan in place, contract signed, permits pulled – Let’s break ground!

PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING  An introduction to the team who’s going to successfully execute your Scope of Work. A conversation about the day-to-day logistics of the project. Pets? Small children? Alarm system?

YOUR DESIGNATED PROJECT MANAGER No handoffs from one guy to another mid project. The same point of contact from demo day to final walkthrough.

A CLEAN + SAFE SITE  Our staff stops shy of the bell each day to broom sweep, tidy up and sanitize the project.

We always know what’s coming around the bend. And so do you.

WEEKLY FRIDAY EMAIL  A review of everything that’s been accomplished in the past week and what’s on deck. An organized snapshot of the progress being made at your house.

OUR WARRANTY  There’s a reason that we’ve been around more than two decades. Licensed, insured, and with a two year warranty, we always stand behind our work.

Pre-Purchase Consulting 

Should you like to have Jim Scovell consult you on the probable cost of a future remodel at a home you are in the process of buying, we offer this service for a fee of $225. Please contact to schedule this.