I’ll be honest. I wasn’t terribly excited about this project when Jim brought it to the Scovell team. Not at all. I tend to be drawn to projects we can really sink our teeth into – full gut remodels, additions, the like.

This wasn’t that at all. It was a little work here. A little work there. A door. A bookshelf. A fireplace surround. I was apathetic. But isn’t it just like life to surprise you?

Turns out we were were working for a true artist and her husband. Someone with a trained eye and a compelling personality. Full of interesting facts about current events and politics. Deeply passionate about her life’s work. Kind and caring.

And determined to reverse anything not entirely authentic to the home’s original and unique aesthetic.

The best kind of clients.

before picture of mission hills front door

Just as surprising as my growing fondness for this project was the house. An inconspicuous brick ranch, save for the rather conspicuous blue door, on a thoroughfare in Mission Hills. Behind that blue door, a marvel of mid-century modern, chock full of carefully curated art, books and light. Lots of light.

But the house as they had received it from the previous owners was a mismatch of architectural elements. It was time to bring it all back in line. First order was the door. And who drew up the custom design except the wife herself!

front door drawing for mission hills ranch

We were forced to contend with a rather long lead time, but the beautiful cherry door  flanked by tile was well worth the wait.

cherry custom front door in mission hills kansas

transom next to front door on mission hills ranch

Inside, similar measures were taken to re-modernize the house. Crown molding had been thrown up by a previous homeowner despite its incongruence with the house’s style. And as I said, these clients were determined to restore it to its former modern glory. So crown came down in favor of cleaner lines and custom shelves.

mission hills modern ranch interior by scovell remodeling

Our carpenter Pete Collins meticulously built these simple, yet stunning shelves out of cherry wood, just like that of the front door. They are refined and truly magnificent up close.

scovell built cherry bookshelves

To the east, a fireplace, again ill-matched to the home’s period, stood enveloped in too traditional a finish.

The homeowners brilliantly selected a new porcelain tile surround made to look like aged copper (and used that same tile to flank the sides of the front door as well).

modern fireplace with custom cherry shelves by scovell remodeling

So what began as a project I could take or leave, turned out to be one of the more inspiring remodels we’ve done of late. It was all about the details; all about craftsmanship; all about authenticity. Things many wouldn’t notice didn’t get past these clients’ keen and discerning understanding of their home’s original architecture. And it was a joy for our team to be a part of ‘restoring’ it.

It was a real gift to both work on this home and for these clients. And maybe if you keep your eyes up, you’ll see this little modern beauty tucked behind the trees as you head for the golf course.

mission hills ranch front exterior