As my kids have gotten older (and by older I mean are no longer babbling toddlers, but now can officially walk and talk!) and begun socializing with little friends at the park and in the neighborhood, I’ve joined the parent-to-parent small talk club. The conversation usually starts with “How old’s your daughter/son?” followed by “Is this your only?” It’s thrilling stuff, really. Ground breaking exchange of basic information as your kids run around the playground.


Or better yet, there’s the inevitable interaction as you stand four feet from a stranger, both pushing your individual kids on the swings. Once you hit the five minute mark, it’s just plain awkward not to atleast acknowledge this fellow swing-pusher! It’s akin to riding an elevator 40 floors with someone. You’ve got to say something, right?!

Well, I digress. The point is, somewhere about 6 minutes into the parent-to-parent conversation a question about work comes up. “What do you for a living?” I mention Scovell Wolfe and then they respond with their love for HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Every time. It’s a thing. Like the 11th commandment. For real. FIXER UPPER ALWAYS GETS MENTIONED! I awkwardly admit that I’ve never seen it. They shudder. There’s a moment of silence.

And then they ask what kind of remodeling we do. We do it all, I say. Kitchens, bathrooms, whole houses…

But the more I’ve had these conversations about our company, the more I realize we have a little niche specialty after all. Screened Porches.


They sound so boring. Most people I know in Brookside have enclosed theirs, in fact. But I’m not talking about your grandma’s screened porch. No sir. I’m talking about a great stone fireplace. A vaulted ceiling. Wainscoting on the walls. A television. A wet bar! I’m talking about your new favorite room in your house.

What started with one has become a tried and true Scovell Wolfe signature. We’ve integrated these stunning porches into more than a dozen homes throughout Kansas City. And I kid you not when I say they always become our clients’ favorite room. So I thought I’d showcase a few of the best in no particular order.

1. First up, the “Mac Daddy” of them all. This is probably the most expansive one that we’ve done. It helps that it’s on one of the most stunning lots in Mission Hills.

vaulted ceiling screened in porch with true stone fire place

vaulted ceiling of mission hills screened in porch by scovell wolfe

exterior porch in mission hills

2. Next, we have “The Granddaddy.” This is Jim Scovell’s and it’s the original screened porch that we designed and built back in 2003.

(Hop back to this hour tour post to check out my wedding which took place on this very porch!)

jim scovells screened porch


exterior screened porch by the pool with integrated built in grill

3. Number 3 is what I’d call the “Home Grown” porch. I feel like you can just hear the rhythm of the wicker chairs rocking back and forth as you watch the leaves fall outside and feel the crisp autumn air. Sappy, I know, but you feel it, too, don’t you?!

country screened porch

4. For all you Fixer Upper fans (in other words, 98% of the American population), this is what I call the “Joanna Gaines Porch.” I get the sense that if Joanna were to design a Scovell Wolfe porch this is exactly how she’d do it. (White ship lap? Check!)


seating area


5. The “Pretend This House is a Resort in the Woods” porch. Something about this porch – the way it steps right off the master bedroom, perhaps – makes me feel like I’m on vacation, and not in Kansas City. Like if I were to look through the screens, there’d be a mountain or a rushing river or forest full of trees. Can you even imagine opening your bedroom french doors every day to this cozy oasis? Well the lucky homeowners off Belinder Circle certainly can. Oh, how I envy them!


montana 1

exterior montana

6. Here we have the “I’m Your New Living Room ” porch. The warmth of the drapes. The oriental rug. The lamp. The blanket draped across the couch. If ever there was a porch that served as an extension of the house, this was it! Pop in some glass in lieu of the screens and you’ve got yourself a new living room!



7. One of my all time favorites. I suppose I’d call this “Clean and Contemporary.” I’m obsessed with the stone this client selected and I love that they opted out of a mantle. So simple and beautiful.

screened porch no mantle

french doors sliding to porch

There are more that we’ve done, but we haven’t always been the best about photographing everything. Womp, womp. The seven above are just a sampling. But a mighty fine sampling! I’d take any one of them! And then there are a whole slew of porches we’ve built that are not screened in but which are just as lovely and some, even more magical. I’m going to toss one of those in just for kicks.

Every time I see this picture below it makes me want to throw a World Series party and spend all night out beneath this roof watching the games. It’s like the best of summer in single snap shot.


Well, there you have it. We remodel anything and everything. But we have a special place in our hearts for porches. Everyone needs a kitchen. Everyone needs a bathroom. But screened porches are a treat. A real surprise. You’re among the lucky if you get to count one of these as part of your home! And hey, we might know a guy or two in Kansas City if you’re wanting to add one of these to your house 😉 Call us and we can talk turkey.