Whew. That’s all I can say. Remember that custom home we are building in Prairie Village?

After what seems like having hit every possible bump in the road toward getting this house built, we are finally out of the red tape and into the real fun. Whether the temperatures were too cold for weeks on end to pour the concrete or there was a delay at city hall or…the list is longer than I can recall before we could even break out a box of nails! Thank goodness our client has been the definition of patient and understanding, as well as one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet!

And now, we’re incredibly happy that she finally gets to see some tangible progress on her new house! For those of you that haven’t driven by it in Prairie Village, here’s the sign hanging on the fence. On it, you can see the architectural elevation for what the house will soon become.


I went by the middle of last week and stumbled upon a full crew of framers. The weather happened to be delightful and it was just as delightful to see things actually taking shape.

framing a new scovell wolfe house

Above was a shot taken from the backside of the house. (The north wall of the garage is what’s in black.) You can see what a great view our client will have overlooking one of Prairie Village’s finest parks. Taken from the frontside, you can see the garage really coming to life.

framed garage

framed garage

garage framing

And here is what will one day be the front porch.

framing the front stoop

framing crew working on the new house

framing the house

This street view doesn’t look like much now, but once this baby gets built, I’m going to use this as a pretty dramatic Stage 1 picture. I’m about as excited as our client to see this thing get put together!

house framing

While I was on site, I wandered around and about broke my neck sliding across mud. When you dig a new foundation, there’s dirt for daaaays. Add rain? Get mud for daaaays. Anyway, I peeked into the basement while risking my life (or at least my camera) sliding around back there…

basement framing

I don’t know why this was so cool to me. This ain’t my first rodeo, but I personally hadn’t walked the site since the foundation was poured. And when I came up last week, I guess I sort of thought that what I saw was what I got. But you look down a window well and there’s a whole other world down there! You can’t forget that lower level!

basement framing

So, here’s to the weather being as nice, if not nicer, than it was the day I took these pictures so we can get this house knocked out!! Looking forward to sharing more pictures as things progress. Stay tuned!