As the year comes to a close, we’ve spent some time looking back on 2014 and all it’s brought. I would hate for this month to come to a close without celebrating one of our most inspiring projects in Fairway, KS. I took a minute to look with more depth at the mudroom/laundry room component of this particular project in a blog post several months back. You can read that here. I even put together a source board in that post so you can recreate the look.

But I definitely don’t want to miss out on talking about THIS KITCHEN! Because the kitchen is, after all, the heartbeat of the house. And this kitchen has quite a beat. Enough to be featured this past Spring in Spaces Magazine AND win Best Kitchen in KC Magazine’s Design Excellence Awards AND At Home Magazine’s (the former KCH&G) Gold Award. Yup. The kitchen is that good.

So let’s dive into some before and afters and see what all the fuss was about! Here’s the kitchen in all its glory before…

Before Picture of a Scovell Wolfe Kitchen Remodel

And with a M-A-J-O-R bump out, a lot of creativity and an incredible team of architects, subs, and carpenters, here’s the after…


Pretty stunning, huh? As I mentioned, this project included not just the kitchen but reworking the mudroom and laundry room.

Here was the original solution to coats and jackets housed in the corner of the original kitchen…


And here was the original screened in porch…


Combine the two and you get this on the backside of the new kitchen…



But, anyway, back to the point of this post! Our clients were seeking a KITCHEN that both facilitated better cooking and catered to life with kids. And that’s exactly what they got. A built-in banquette along the back bay of windows allowed not just for a half a dozen drawers for storage, but a huge amount of seating within the kitchen. Additionally, the island houses 5 barstools. It’s exactly the kind of floor plan that so many of our clients desire these days. A space where your family can gather but where real cooking can still happen.


There is just so, so much about this kitchen that’s gorgeous. One of our favorite aspects is the fact that there are so few colors, yet so much interest in the kitchen. Here’s a little rundown of all the textures and materials integrated in this design through three main colors.

WHITE. The combination of flat panel and shaker style cabinets are all white. The carrara marble tile backsplash is white. Even the tongue and groove ceiling is coated in white! There’s off-white paint on the walls and the window frames are painted in a bright white semi-gloss.  Plus, half the countertops are all white. However, the different textures make white anything but boring.

WOOD. Between the wood of the barstool seats, the alder wood island and the hardwood floors, the kitchen has a great grounding element.

STAINLESS STEEL. You can’t forget the appliances! All Sub-Zero and Wolf, the stainless steel finish offers a very professional dynamic to the setting and plays off the stainless steel pendant lights and sink faucet. Even the cabinet hardware stays in sync with the satin nickel finish.

All in all, the kitchen merges that great family feel with a serious invitation to do some serious cooking! And isn’t that what we all hope for?

There are a couple other things worth mentioning – one being the unique floor plan. You have three workspaces all parallel, one to the other. There’s ample walking room between each set of lower cabinets. Enough to make dinner AND have children in and out doing homework on either the island or the back breakfast table. Plus when was the last time you were in a kitchen were there were no corner cabinets? No peninsula? No U-shaped floorplan? It’s a refreshing change.

Ok, last thing. Take a look at the lighting! Bling!! Jim Scovell says you can NEVER over-light a kitchen. Or a bathroom. Or a closet, for that matter. But you really, really can’t over-light a kitchen. And we always, always, always put our lights on dimmers. Plus with all of this natural light flooding through the windows, this kitchen is a lighting dream!

In case you’ve caught on – these pictures came from two different seasons….one in the Spring just after the kitchen was finished – I snagged those pics taken by Aaron Leimkeuhler from Spaces’ website after they published it in their magazine, and one photo session by James Maidhof from KCH&G late this summer after the client had reupholstered their furniture. Thus the different fabric on the chairs and banquette!

K_May14_NoReservations2.jpg.640x640_q85 K_May14_NoReservations3.jpg.640x640_q85

Anyway, this kitchen definitely ranks as one of our all time favorite kitchens. It’s clean and classic. Timeless and tasteful. I mean just look at it one more time!


And here’s the exterior of the kitchen addition plus a little patio we built.


In reworking the kitchen, we also did a little work in the living room that turned out beautifully. We added a coffered ceiling that makes SUCH a huge difference! And installed a gorgeous custom made hutch in the back corner.


So as you can see for yourself, this house remodel was an inspiring design from beginning to end. We were honored to have this Scovell Wolfe project selected as the Best Kitchen in 2014 by so many Kansas City publications.

We’re always thankful to work on such stunning projects and are itching to work with John Wind – the architect – on something in the future!

Leave a comment and tell us…if you could snag one element of this project for your own home, what would it be? The living room with its great ceiling? The show-stopping kitchen? The backyard? Or the covet-worthy laundry and mudroom?