This month will probably go down as one of my favorite months of the year. I’ve had (or have coming up) six photoshoots of some amazing projects we’ve been working hard on the past year. There is nothing I love more than getting professional pictures back! So last week I shared my own kitchen and house, and up today I get to share another set of dramatic before and afters!

before and after of a romanelli kansas city kitchen and breakfast room

So, first for a little background…the homeowners had lived in this Kansas City house for over 20 years, and the kitchen was the last of all the rooms to be on the receiving end of a remodel. It was certainly a long time in the making! And of course, when you’ve lived in a home with two kids for 20+ years, you know exactly what you want. You have the great benefit of already understanding how the space functions for your family and what to incorporate into a remodel to make it fit like a glove for your lifestyle. This remodel was just that.

wet bar in a breakfast room with a built in office space adjoining the kitchen

There were several clear goals we aimed to achieve as Scovell Wolfe set about to design the new kitchen: creating a unified space with the adjoining room;  bringing in more countertop space; introducing a wet bar for entertaining; and establishing a permanent workspace that felt cohesive with the room. And it goes without saying that the clients were ecstatic to go appliance shopping!

Mission accomplished all the way around. So now let’s break it down…

One of the bigger challenges was overcoming the structural limitations of the space.

demolition of the kitchen post

Removing a load-bearing post which sat squarely in the middle of the space and installing an arched opening allowed us to really play up the feeling of one large room, instead of two distinct spaces.

north view

Working within this now unified space, the homeowners chose a classic white palette topped with white Quartz countertops. And don’t you love the drawer microwave in the photograph above?? So nice to have it off the counter!

The south wall of the kitchen came a long, long way to get where it is today! Here it is in the demolition phase.



And voila the before and after!

south wall scovell

The biggest shift we made in the organization of the kitchen itself was swapping the location of the refrigerator with that of the cooktop. And the built-in, paneled refrigerator makes all the difference in keeping the space feeling streamlined! But of course that cohesive looking white refrigerator packs a punch when you open the doors because…drumroll please…the interior is black!

interior of the jenn air obsidian refrigerator with black interior(You don’t keep a fresh lobster dish and a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade with sliced lemons and cherries in your fridge? Well, that’s weird. Standard dining fare in our house. Duh.)

Anyway, where for so many years the refrigerator called home now sits a gorgeous Thermador range with a custom hood.

before and after of the fridge swapped out for a jenn air pro style range

Cue the cookie baking. Times two. Loving to cook, our clients not only selected a range (shown below), but also a wall oven tucked to the left of the refrigerator.

thermador range in a scovell wolfe remodeled kitchen

Another of the many improvements to the house dealt with traffic flow. We were able to open up a wall between the back side of the kitchen and the living room on the east side of the house. Where you had previously had to walk around several rooms to land in the living room from the  kitchen, this created direct access. Anytime you can create more of an “open-concept” it’s nearly always worth it!

new cased opening to living room

And finally, the cherry on top of the remodel was integrating a beautiful workspace for our client – who frequently works out of the home. They brilliantly chose to match the office nook cabinet color to that of the wet bar. Oh, and I probably ought to add that we did a little more than just bolt cabinets to the wall for the office.

progress of the office niche

We actually recessed the niche into the garage behind! We essentially grabbed space that was devoted to garage storage and re-allocated that square footage to the interior. This allowed us to keep the inside of the house more spacious, all the while maintaining enough space for cars in the garage. Win, win!

blog res 6

So there you have it. A long-awaited, much-anticipated, well-worth-it kitchen (and more!) remodel!!

Blog Res 2

By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the maker of that gorgeous wood table. Our clients commissioned Sam Unruh of Unruh Furniture to build the table. An amazing local craftsman (whom I’m happy to call a friend!) Sam is a guy to watch. His business is exploding with the stunning custom pieces he and his team are building and selling. So next time you head to Pottery Barn to buy a new table, stop first and check out his website or visit their super welcoming showroom instead.

Ok, well that about does it for this remodeling reveal. I’ll be back next week sharing a TON of photographs of the completed house in Prairie Village that we built from the ground up. Stay tuned..