If you live anywhere in or near Prairie Village, you’ve probably stumbled upon our newest custom home build. Located on a cut-through from the Village Shopping Center to 75th Street, the house sure has created quite the buzz! And it’s easy to see why.

framing the house

While so much of new construction looks like exactly that – new – this house fits right in. And for that, much credit is due to all – from the homeowner whose vision was to not outshine the neighboring houses, to the architect who disguised what is a stunning interior with an unassuming facade, to our project manager Noal who has overseen the entire process.

siding and roof on the new build

I peeked in last week when – like so many of you – I happened to be driving by! I caught sight of Noal and the homeowner and was floored when I walked inside. It may look like your average Prairie Village Cape Cod, but the great room is great. And the floorplan is brilliant.

For instance, would you have expected to see such a grand fireplace in the making??

framing out the great room's fireplace

Yesterday, the Prairie Village Post published an article about the impending formation of a committee to regulate the design of new homes going up in the area. We’re proud to feel that if that committee had been in place for this house it would have certainly approved this design.

Jim Scovell – our president – is a former chairman for the Mission Hills Architectural Review Board. So whether there’s a governing body in place or not to oversee design, Jim still innately brings that integrity to all our projects. It’s one of the primary reasons that we’ve had such success. Jim not only comes to the table with his Certified Remodeler certificate from NARI, but has worked as a real estate broker for 25 years. Add to it his six plus years on the Mission Hills ARB and you’re hard pressed to find anyone with a better grasp of Kansas City homes!

Ok, I’m done shamelessly showering my dad in praise. But hey, dad or not, the guy knows what he’s doing! In fact, coming from me – the highly critical one in the family – maybe the compliments are even more meaningful! Lord knows I don’t pass ’em out like candy!

inside shot of new build

Anyway, we truly believe that this house – designed by the profoundly talented Dan Wessel – is perfect for the lot. Just wait until it all comes together. It will be as though it was always meant for the block. And real quick, I want to mention that our client actually owned the previous home on the lot for 20 plus years! So this ain’t their first trip around the block! They had a deep understanding of the Prairie Village aesthetic and sought to maintain it.

framing the new house

Now that progress on this house as really begun rolling, we’ll be posting more updates more frequently! So check back and watch as this house comes together. (And if you’re new, here’s a previous post on the project!)

By the way here’s our sign hanging outside the jobsite. It’s a quick reminder of where we’re headed…

scovell wolfe sign at new house

If only I was ten feet taller and could get a better camera angle 🙂 But still looking pretty dead on compared to the elevation thus far!

center shot of new front facade