So many of you have jogged past it. So many of you have driven by it. So many of you have called wanting to buy it. So many of you have watched it go from hole in the ground to stunning Cape Cod. And we’re thrilled after all those months of you seeing what it became on the outside to finally show you the inside of this Prairie Village new build!

exteriorBut first for a little history. Our dear, sweet client raised her family in the house that once sat here! This wasn’t a case of finding a “tear down” and scraping it. No, not even close. This, in the words of our client, is a story of 3 musketeers – her son and the two neighbors – building tree houses in her backyard and fishing crawdads from the creek since 1986. This was a piece of land that hosted decades of sleepovers, spring breaks and Christmases.

So this, my friends, was way more than a new build. This was a woman loving so much the neighborhood that her family had invested in for nearly 30 years that she ultimately decided to take the charm of the Cape Cod and rebuild it with the conveniences of 2016. So with the help of architect Dan Wessel, our client worked closely with Jim Scovell and project manager Noal Yungeberg to collaboratively design her “perfect” home! Her perfect home, I might add, that welcomed back the 3 neighborhood musketeers who so long ago built tree houses in the backyard for Christmas Eve dinner just this past month!

3 prairie village neighbors celebrating christmas in the new house

Anyway, it’s no secret that there’s been a bevy of new home building in Prairie Village in the last decade. But with this project every effort was made to design a house that would fit seamlessly within the neighborhood. From the dormered windows to the window shutters!

exterior photograph of a new build in prairie village kansasWithout further ado, let’s go through these stunning stained french doors that serve as the house’s front doors and see the inside!

stained french doors with a view to Porter park in Prairie Village, Kansas

The big question during the design phase was clear: how do we make a house look like it’s always belonged on this block from the outside, but inside create an open concept floorplan? For those living in original Cape Cods in Prairie Village, you know that they don’t tend to naturally lend themselves toward such a floorplan. But look how brilliantly architect Dan Wessel created such a floorplan and even integrated the characteristic dormered windows into a vaulted living room and adjoining kitchen!

open concept kitchen and living room with cape cod dormered windowsWith a strong sense of personal style, our client knew from the very beginning that she would be consistently  playing off of a black and white color palette. And it was a perfect fit, really. The white walls throughout the house and the bright light from all the windows are the perfect backdrop to her lifetime’s worth of art and antiques from travels and time spent living in both Asia and Hawaii.

kitchenprogressThe kitchen opens up by way of an elegantly arched opening, flanked on either side by columns, into the show stopping living room. Our client is nothing if not bold! Look at that fireplace! (Shout out to Elmwood Reclaimed Timber for the wood our carpenter Pete Collins used to create the custom mantle.)

living room progress from framed shell to drywall to finished after photo

scovell wolfe built living room in prairie village

arched cased opening separating living room and dining roomBack in the kitchen, you’ll notice that to the North sits the dining room, also adjoined by an archway.

scovell wolfe built kitchen opening to the dining roomSimple, clean and classic.

dining room of a prairie village cape cod built by scovell wolfeThe back hallway off the dining room is home to the guest bathroom, laundry room & office, and garage access.

I love this mudroom. I mean how ideal is it to have this built-in bench that not only allows for storage within, but gives you a spot to sit while you put on your shoes!! That Dan sure is a smart fella 😉

entrance from the garage

black and white wallpaper guest bathroom

laundry room and home office

Situated on the East side of the house are the home’s three bedrooms (two up and one down). It’s been pretty fun to watch the bedrooms come to life. Looking out onto the park across the street is the guest bedroom which our client has made into a super charming sitting room.

guestroomFor future potential use as a bedroom, we carved out a full bathroom in here. And you’ve got the black and white theme again! No surprise there!

Web_4626TomahawkRd (10 of 29)

Web_4626TomahawkRd (11 of 29)I have to continually check myself when I’m in this home as I find my eyes coveting some of our client’s amazing antique furniture. Have you ever seen such a stunning credenza for a television in all your life?! Crazy beautiful!

Web_4626TomahawkRd (12 of 29)As you can see from the picture above, the guest bedroom walks out into the hallway leading to the master. Before you reach the master bedroom’s doors, however, you can take a quick turn right into the basement.

framing to drywall to finished stairwell in this scovell wolfe built prairie village capecodIt’s not very often that one of my favorite rooms in a house is the basement. But I just can’t get enough of the white walls with that amazing rug and gorgeous stair baluster in the background.

wrought iron stair baluster in the finished basement of this prairie village cape cod built by scovell wolfe

finished basement seating area in this prairie village cape cod built by scovell wolfeA few from our family stopped by the homeowner’s house on Christmas Eve to see the house decorated and I heard someone ask the homeowner….”Okay, so you’ve gotta tell me…all this black and white with pops of red. What came over you to suddenly switch gears and paint the basement bedroom yellow?!” To which she laughed and replied, “I don’t know! I don’t even really like yellow!”

Web_4626TomahawkRd (22 of 29)Back upstairs (and back to white, black and red!), let’s take a look at the master suite, complete with walk in closet.

masterbedroomOnce again – bright, clean and classic!

master bedroom with en suite bathroom


Web_4626TomahawkRd (16 of 29)

Web_4626TomahawkRd (17 of 29)

Web_4626TomahawkRd (18 of 29)And there ya go, folks. At long last a peak into one of the more talked about new homes in Prairie Village this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the interior as much as we enjoyed building it! Once the weather turns a corner and grass turns green again, we’ll pop back over and take some pictures of the back exterior. But for now, I’ll leave you with one last look at the outside of the Prairie Village Cape Cod – from architectural conception to reality.

comparison of architectural blue print for the south elevation and after photograph(Look back here and here as we wrote about the project in progress!)