new windows in the master bath

After a week of being off-limits due to floor refinishing, we’re back at full-tilt with our French Normandy remodel. I went in Monday morning with the rest of our crew and it’s pretty exciting to see how things are coming along. I don’t have a jaw-dropping progress report for you in regards to the master bathroom, however, we’re pretty dang excited about the new windows that were just installed. I also walked in to find two floor installers beginning to lay hardwoods in there on Monday. So I imagine a more dramatic progress post will be due before long! Meanwhile here it is all bright-eyed and cleaned up. Look how the light floods in – love it.

cleaned up master bath after mudding

Meanwhile a lot is shaking in the rest of the house. Did you realize what all we were doing elsewhere? I actually didn’t fully understand until this morning! I had known that the homeowners were keeping a lot of stained wood. However, what I did not know was that we’re actually glazing it to be this gorgeous near-ebony color. I peeked behind a sheet of plastic to find all this going on…

doors with the wood glazing

Here was that same room before they moved in.

sunroom before

It was actually super charming before. But I love that the homeowner has opted to darken the stain of the original woodwork. I really feel like it ups the ante, modernizes the room and adds some drama.

new glazing on windows in the sunroom

That gorgeous wood tone is going to be carried out throughout a lot of the house. Including this dining room. Can you imagine? This whole room in the color of the woodwork above? I can. not. wait to see it finished.

dining room before glazing

dining room before glazing

This next room – once the blue piano room – is getting quite a paint job as well. You can see our painter sneaking through – protecting the newly finished hardwoods in his sock feet – getting ready to prep the room. The formal living room – just beyond the opening on the right – has not only been stripped of its paper since we first took over, but the door casings in there are also getting glazed. The trim and baseboards throughout this first floor, however, will actually be painted!

paint prep begins in piano room

paint prep begins in piano room

But you (and me) will just have to stay tuned to see what it really ends up looking like! And it won’t be long. Our clients are moving back from New York this weekend. They’re graciously going to bunk in with some grandparents whilst we scurry around and continue to get as much done as we can. Grandma has secretly asked us to slow things down a bit so she can extend the number of days her grandbaby gets to stay under her roof!!

But we’ll keep marching on at full speed despite her kind suggestion! And try to wrap this up as soon as we can for our clients. If you remember from the last post, as far as bedrooms go, all but the master are finished and ready for move-in. In fact, we met the cleaning company over there earlier this week to give them the run-down on getting everything squared away for the homeowners’ arrival. The master, though, being as it adjoins the en suite won’t wrap up quite so quickly. I did catch this shot Monday morning, and you can see the new recessed lighting in the ceiling, as well as the hardwood installers steadily making their way through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

hardwood installers in the master bedroom

Exciting stuff! Plus the foyer marble is getting grout, the tile-setters have poured the shower, and our trim carpenters are continuing to knock stuff out. Can’t wait to get back in there next week and see the progress!

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