Some projects have special tug on my heart and this is for sure one of them – for a variety of reasons. It’s in the neighborhood where I grew up. It’s a modified floor plan of the house I grew up in. And it’s a house that Scovell Wolfe first remodeled way back in 1994! Oh, and the couple is darling. And their taste is bomb (aka amazing). So, yeah, I pretty much really like this project.

Sadly, it turns out my vision is less than bomb. When I came back from shooting some progress pics last week I realized that most of my pics were out of focus. Not so bomb at all! I guess a trip to the eye doctor is in order.

Meanwhile, here goes, blurry pictures and all.

4 stages of the kitchen remodel

A lot of is going on here (intense conversation between Jim and Noal excluded). The doorway leading to the back hallway was slightly relocated in order to allow for a wall of pantry cabinets. The range made its way out of the previous island and against the back wall. The refrigerator is getting tucked into that little nook on the left.

The island, well, the island literally is the size of some islands in the Pacific. No joke. The thing is a beast. And it’s glorious.


Backsplash goes in any day. Noal just met with the homeowner to finalize the pattern! Floors are to be refinished immediately thereafter. Then hardware, wallpaper, punchlist, bam, bam, bam. It’s getting close.

Exactly as in the house where I grew up there’s this charming little bar going on between the kitchen and dining room. Our painter – who shall remain nameless for fear you will steal him away to hire him for your own job! – put this insane high gloss lacquer on the cabinetry. Insane, my friends. Totally gorgeous. Backsplash to follow here as well in just a couple of days.

hallway before before and afterJust beyond the kitchen is the back hallway I mentioned which used to lead to the garage and back guest bedroom. Well, prepare to be massively jealous. We converted the hallway into a pantry, relocated the garage door into the bedroom and turned said bedroom into a laundry room and mudroom! Holla!

back bedroom conversion to laundry and mudroom

Domestic life just doesn’t get more beautiful than doing laundry on a slate tiled chevron floor with built-in lockers and walnut wood countertops.  It just plain and simple does not.

And last but not least – for this blog update, anyway – is the family room. The homeowner found this picture on Pinterest and fell in love with the moldings.

molding inspiration

Our carpenter Pete nailed it for her. Literally and figuratively.

family room before and after


Believe it or not, this isn’t even it. There’s more! A living room! A dining room! A master bedroom! But you can only take so much beauty in one blog post, am I right? So stay tuned for the final pictures coming at you later this fall!

Oh, and if you’re reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you to the homeowner for letting us be a part of such a stunning transformation! This is what we live for!