So there was this one time when most of what I did here at Scovell Wolfe was think about beautiful interior spaces, put together designs online and peek in on fabulous ongoing projects around town. But that time is no longer! Pretty obvious, though, huh? It’s been radio silence here on the blog. In early July, I (Kylie) stepped into the role of bookkeeper and it turns out that that’s a pretty busy job! Who’d have thunk it?

Every few weeks I steal away with my camera and run around like a mad woman quickly shooting all of our projects. And then I get back to the office, get super busy and forget to even put the pics on the computer! And lo and behold, three months go by. All of these progress pics and no one to see them!

I’d hate to not share the goods for lack of photoshop time! So, let’s just cut to the chase (and cut the commentary!) and check out some of what’s been going on our new build in Prairie Village!

progress on the new construction prairie village cape cod   So full disclosure, these pictures are not that recent. As in, A LOT more progress has been made in the month or so since I shot them. I need to get my behind over there and take some more pictures STAT! But this will serve as your sneak peak!

Meanwhile, we have several other gorgeous houses that we are working on and if nothing else, I CANNOT wait to at least show you the after pictures when the last ‘t’ has been crossed and the final ‘i’ dotted!