Oh, and while you’re here…

Finish that sentence a million different ways.

Look at our kitchen…Look at our porch…Do you mind glancing at our laundry room? May as well take a quick peek at the guest bath…you know – while you’re here. It’s no big deal, but, while you’re here do you have a second to see playroom? It’ll just take a minute!

I drop by for a basement finish and leave with an attic conversion. I go by for a simple interior makeover and leave with a re-worked floor plan complete with walls moving. I come to look at this one. little. thing. and leave having seen four. little. things. (And really not so little!)

And so it was with this project. I was invited to this home to explore a way to get laundry from the basement to an upstairs closet and left with an agreement to design the better part of a new kitchen.


These homeowners had just relocated from the Northland to be closer to their soon-to-be-born grandchild. Theirs was a quick home shopping experience, a quick move and a quick realization that certain things just weren’t working. Like basement laundry and an awkward kitchen island with a bizarre hardwood floor inlay.


With some collaborative design between us and the homeowners, we got mostly new appliances, mostly new cabinets, all new counters and all new tile.

brookside tudor kitchen remodel by scovell

We very much wanted to stay in keeping with the style of the home. Previous owners had left the walnut crown unpainted (praise the Lord!) as well as many other details – vestiges of the old Diebel tudor style that claim the Brookside neighborhood as their home. So, we wanted to honor the history of the home, but we also wanted a kitchen with a drawer somewhere! That’s not too much to ask, is it??

before kitchen remodel

The homeowner – who runs a home staging business – was ready to rock. She marched into those tile showrooms like a boss, making decisions and pulling together her vision.

brookside kitchen remodel by scovell

In the end, we came up with a kitchen both befitting of the house and, equally important, befitting of her taste. A kitchen with some bold choices, paired with some neutral groundwork and a lot of charm.

Charm just like the charming owners. The charming owners who invited our staff to celebrate their new kitchen with happy hour and hors d’oeuvres. How kind is that?!

client hosted party for our scovell remodeling crew

Wrapping a remodel is satisfying no matter what. But being invited to attend a gathering in a space you’ve participated in transforming is a real treat. A humbling and gratifying treat at that!