Residential Remodeling

We all know what it’s like to either grow out of a house but love your neighborhood so much you just can’t stomach moving. Or to buy a house you only love half of. Or none of…But then to see a slew of Pinterest and Houzz images that inspire you to invest in your house, stay put and make it everything you’ve always wanted.

That’s the part we love to make happen.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve done everything. Truly. We’ve made dining rooms into bedrooms and bedrooms into kitchens. We’ve put laundry rooms upstairs and downstairs. Down the hall and in the back of the closet. We’ve put porches on the front of houses. On the back of houses. On the sides of houses. In fact, porches are one of our main claims to fame. We’ve made what was an ordinary, uninspiring part of many older Kansas City homes into an extraordinary, grand part of many of our clients’ homes! (Take a look at this blog post and see some of our favorites like the one below.)

vaulted ceiling screened in porch with true stone fire place

We’ve painted kitchen cabinets white. And black. And gray. We’ve painted them red. Even blue. We’ve installed countertops of marble, granite, limestone, quartz, walnut, concrete, you name it.

We’ve taken a one story house and added an upstairs bedroom. Then, five years later we added a family room to it. Then, five years later we bumped it out again and added another bedroom and bathroom. Then, yet another five years later we converted it into the master and popped their laundry up there, too. All on the same house!

dining room with alder wood and black granite

We’ve put wet bars in living rooms and dining rooms and master suites and basements and screened-in porches. We’ve done basic. We’ve done high-end. We’ve done nothing more than add crown molding. And we’ve done nothing short of remodel every inch of an entire house. We’ve won awards. We’ve won lots of awards. We’ve worked with first time homeowners, and we’ve worked with repeat clients we’ve known for twenty years.

Web5720OakwoodDr (2 of 18)

We love taking old houses (and new!) and bumping walls, laying tile, hanging fixtures, everything. We love giving you a house that you love.

So whether it’s a whole house renovation, an addition, or remodeling any one of the rooms in your house, we want to talk to you. Take a look at our Portfolio. It speaks volumes on the kind of work we do. Then head over to our Processpage and familiarize yourself with what it’s like to work with us.