You know that old mantra, “it gets worse before it gets better” and that other saying, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure?”

Well so it is in our line of work. Things get way worse before they get better in a remodeling project. You take a halfway decent kitchen and DESTROY it during demolition in order to get a fabulous one. Within the rubble of the old is found little bits and pieces bound for a future elsewhere. Some, of course, is trash. But all too often things taken out of a home to make way for a remodel still hold some innate value. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, after all.

salvaged gate

About 5 years ago a few of our carpenter’s took that to a whole other level. With bits and pieces of leftover, unwanted material they made a community garden in the lot next to Scovell Wolfe. Repurposed and revitalized, the almost-trashed lumber now lines rows of sprouting produce. And after more than a few years of tedious care, the garden is about as self-maintained as one can be. The weeds are few and far between. The soil’s rich. And the bounty is plentiful.


What was once straight labor, is now a labor of love. Just ask Patrick Muller – one of our carpenters. He’ll tell you that gardening changed his life. Free therapy, he’d call it. And an opportunity to teach his son and his friends about fresh vegetables and fruits. James Fare and Chris Spaeth – two more on our staff – lend their hands each week, too, from planting to harvest. Many more employees over the years have pitched in, weeding, seeding and keeping things alive!

Neighbors are offered the chance to come pick what they’d like. Tenants in our building have given guidance as to what they’d love to see growing. Jennifer, owner of Elements Acupuncture as well as our tenant whose office space directly borders the garden has even worked with Patrick to grow particular herbs that she can begin using in her Chinese Medicine practice.


Pretty dang cool that the torn out fencing and lumber from clients’ pre-remodeled homes has been salvaged to provide the infrastructure for such a flourishing community garden! Take a look at just what’s growing now. And what’s pictured isn’t all! There are carrots and cantaloupe, green beans and watermelon, sweet potatoes and serano peppers…even a few sunflowers to make their appearance later this summer!

all of the produce growing in the Scovell Wolfe Community Garden


We’d love for you to stop by the office, say hello to us, and go down to the Community Garden and take anything you’d like. We’re at the corner of 80th and Ward Parkway Plaza, and would welcome you partaking in what the guys have worked so hard to grow!