I was telling a client the other day that we’ve never turned a generally unhappy person into a happy person with a beautiful remodel. But what we’re really good at is making happy people even happier. As was the case with these incredible Mission Hills clients.

Authentically kind, always trusting and super complimentary at every opportunity, this pair of homeowners (with whom we’d worked on a kitchen redo years earlier) were ready to take on their master bathroom.

As with so many houses we visit, it wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t great. There were oddities like a retro-d vanity hiked up an extra foot for a very tall previous homeowner coupled with a clear lack of practical storage.

We came back with much the same floorplan, and yet the improvements are everywhere…

Hardwood floors in lieu of tile (it’s a misconception that they can’t be installed in bathrooms!). Redesigned vanities matching the cabinet style throughout the rest of the upstairs, but with a smarter drawer design – not to mention flanking towers with hidden outlets to stow away electric razors and toothbrushes. A custom cabinet that now hangs in the toilet room for paper products. Don’t ever make us choose between form and function. We’ll always choose both!

The shower, though it stayed the same size, also saw a huge improvement in that we framed in a multi-shelf soap niche for shampoos. And the frameless glass shower doors totally opened up the feel of the shower. I love, love, love the hand-glazed subway tile.

Throughout the bathroom we installed Cambria quartz slabs, including on the tub deck, for a really seamless and timeless look. Quartz is such a great choice because of its low maintenance and inability to stain.

The lights, from Hudson Valley, are both beautiful and bright. Of course, this is Jim Scovell’s company, so that means everything is on a dimmer. As it should be!

And finally, icing on the cake, the homeowner at the eleventh hour stumbled upon a beautiful Thibaut damask wallpaper at J’Adore in Brookside that she just had to have behind the tub wall. I asked her if she planned on hanging any art and she reminded me that the wallpaper IS the art!!

As with so many projects we do, I’m amazed at how these little refinements totally transform a space. Thankful they chose us to take this master suite from good to great.