I must say when it comes to houses I can’t make up my mind. There are just too many styles I love. Too many color palettes I’m drawn to. Clean and white. Dark and moody. I just can’t decide! For instance, I’m all about an all marble bathroom. And yet I can also get along just fine with some hardwoods in the bathroom.

In this Mission Hills bathroom we opted for the latter. There’s something about hardwoods in the bathroom that can really elevate the space. Makes it feel less like a bathroom and more like a room. To take it further, we hung the client’s antique pine mirrors and wired for sconces you’d just as soon find flanking a fireplace as you would your medicine cabinet.

When we got a hold of this space it was actually back to back 1960s original bathrooms – one off the hall and one off the master. Bright colors. Lots of tile: tile countertops, tile floor and tile walls. It had to go! We reconfigured the entire wing to give this empty-nester couple an amazing first floor suite, dedicating a small front bedroom to his and hers closets and merging the bathrooms.

Here’s the layout before we began.

Carving up the space in a different way we were able to create so much. A huge walk-in shower, complete with bench. A private water closet. A recessed linen cabinet and entry to both closets.

I even love that we were able to use a leftover piece of soapstone from the clients’ kitchen island to use on the vanity.

I like all sorts. Natural wood tones, rich stains, and crisply painted cabinets – I don’t discriminate. All kinds. But for this project, a bathroom much like the rooms throughout the house was just what we needed.